New Tricks & Giggles


This week will go down in the history books as a big week of firsts for Ellie. I don’t know how it’s possible to have so many new things in one week – but she just pulled out all the tricks!

The “my little lamb” swing we bought has a mirror in the middle of the mobile that spins around. Ellie will usually watch the mobile, but has never tilted her head far enough to see the mirror… until this week! She caught sight of the pretty girl in the mirror and wouldn’t stop staring… it was adorable!


While in the bath this week, Ellie splashed a few times by accident with her arms flailing – then she realized what she did and started splashing with her arms and her legs!

Raspberries are now part of Ellie’s language – Tuesday night while both of us were playing with her she just started blowing raspberries with her mouth and we just got so tickled! Of course a ton of slobber comes out with the raspberries, so Ellie pretty much lives with a bib around her neck now.

During tummy time now, Ellie will do a superman move where her arms are stretched out to the side and her legs are off the floor and her head is up… she hasn’t quite figured out that her arms could be used to hold herself up – instead she’s working those ab muscles! Ellie is so close to rolling over too! She’ll get her upper body cocked way back or get her lower body twisted over… but never both at the same time. During tummy time on Sunday, Zach was teaching her to put her arm above her head or tuck it beside her so she could roll. On the changing table now, with her diaper off, she really gets moving because that big bulky diaper is out of the way. Now I have to watch her like a hawk on the changing table!


We heard a few giggles this weekend too! Zach got her to giggle on multiple occasions – just being silly with her in the bath and on his lap. She used to just grunt a lot, but now her little grunts sound more like giggles! Today I pulled out my phone to take a quick picture of her and she even giggled at that! She wasn’t giggling in this picture, but it was so cute!


Ellie is growing quite a bit too! She’s almost outgrown all of the 3-month sleepers and even some of the 3-6 month sleepers. We changed the size on her Rumparooz diapers to the next set of snaps and we’re using one medium size insert for daytime and two inserts for nighttime.

Ellie’s sleep is getting better too…. bedtime AND nap time!! She is a 1-hour, 40-minute girl… meaning that at about 1-hour and 40-minutes of being awake, she is ready to go back to sleep! She usually takes three naps a day. Her morning nap ranges from 35 minutes to a little over an hour. If she sleeps for less than 45 minutes, I try to rock the swing a bit more to get her back to sleep – but usually that doesn’t work. The mid-day nap is longer than 45 minutes most of the time – and with this nap, if she wakes up a few rocks of the swing and she is back to sleep. Then she takes one more nap in the early evening. Bed time right now is around 7pm. We’ve been trying different times the past few days to see what really works. We were putting her to bed at 6pm, but she would always wake up after 35-45 minutes – so we decided she just needed an early evening nap and then a little later bedtime. If we wait too long – closer to 8 – then it’s another struggle. So for now, we’ll say that 7pm is the magical time.


She is taking naps in the swing because she just tends to go down easier and if she wakes up too soon, being able to rock her in the swing gets her back to sleep quicker. We use the rocking of the swing just until she falls asleep, then we turn it off. At bed time, she goes down in her crib just fine and usually goes back down in her crib easily after feedings. There have been a few early morning feedings (around 4 or 5) where she is wide awake, so after I rock her for a while I put her in the swing and go back to bed – setting my alarm for about 30 minutes so I can go turn the swing off and she’ll finish sleeping without the movement.

I’ve stopped doing the dream-feeding before we go to bed. Ellie would eat in her sleep, but then still wake up around 12 or 12:30 ready to eat – and I felt like maybe that was messing up her sleep rhythm or something. Now she will occasionally wake between 10 and 12 for a feeding, but sometimes she’ll go until 1 or 2. Then she’ll wake again to eat around 5 or 6 and then sleep until 7 or 8. Every night is still a little different, but I’ve gotten a few 4-hour stretches of sleep lately and that’s been pretty amazing!

Ellie is no longer congested – two weeks off of dairy for me and my baby is healthy again! Her sleeping habits have probably also improved because she can breathe better! So glad we got that figured out!


Ellie had her 4-month check-up today. Zach came home from work to go with us – we needed daddy for comfort! Ellie got 4 more shots – which made her cry of course, but she was pretty happy within a few minutes. She’s napping now, so we’ll see how she feels when she wakes up. She weighed in at 12 lbs. 9 oz. and is 23 inches long! She’s a growing girl!!

Moving into her fifth month, here’s this weeks pictures in a new album:  March 2011 album.