My Little Goldfish!


Ellie finished up her two-week long swimming lessons today. She went Monday through Friday for two weeks. The lessons were 30 minutes a piece and she did so well! She was nervous at first, but she warmed right up to her teacher and all the kids in her class. I actually think it helped that she went every day. She surprised me with actually listening and following directions better than any of the other 3-5 year-old kids in her class! 🙂

She can float on her tummy or back (assisted) and enjoys putting her head underwater. She can jump into the pool by herself and isn’t scared to have to kick up to the surface. She practiced water safety by wearing a life jacket and learning how to float on her back if she were to fall out of a boat. She learned to play the game red-light, green-light and had so much fun! She practiced front stroke and back stroke, but we definitely have a long ways to go – the next class will teach those strokes in more depth. We are so proud of Ellie! I think she’s pretty proud too!!


Here are just a few other funny things from Ellie the past week:

  • She pulled up the “Bible App For Kids” and said “I want to play this, it’s called God”. At least she knew the app was about God 🙂

  • On the way home from church she was singing songs she learned in Sunday School. Then she started making up songs that we really couldn’t follow. At one point, she asked “do you want to hear a song about tents?” And then she started this whole song about tents! It was hilarious!

Ellie’s preschool starts in a few weeks. She has a meet & greet next week and a little party to get introduced to all her classmates. It will be an interesting few weeks. We’ve driven by her school a few times and she’s been really excited to see it. I think being in swimming lessons for the last few weeks has gotten her into the groove of following directions and listening to a teacher. It was also encouraging for me to get to see her following directions! 🙂

Such a big girl!!


Ethan has been a Mr. Smarty-Pants lately. He still loves letters and numbers so much. We’ve been taking foam letters to Ellie’s swim lessons and he’s gotten great at picking up different numbers as needed to count from 0 to 30 all on his own! Then after 30 he counts by 10s all the way to 90! It’s pretty amazing!

He also really enjoys lining things up. The other night he took a bunch of flash cards and put them all in a line – back-side of the card facing up, but they were in a line and all the Mickey characters were all facing the correct direction! When he lines letters or numbers up in order, he does it backwards – but he does it in correct order!


We were looking at letters yesterday and i showed him the words: go, fun, sun, cat and dog. When I mixed the letters up again and showed him the same words, he was able to recognize what they were. We’ll see how things go from here on out… this kid and his letters and numbers! whew!

We have more pictures in the July & August 2014 Photo Album.