My Happy Little Family


We had a GREAT week! The first part of the week went by pretty fast, especially since it was a short work-week. We went to the park by Zach’s work for lunch on Wednesday and Ellie played at the splash pad. It was crazy busy and I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of Ellie in the water. I think we’re going to try to go back at a different time this week – hoping it will be less busy.

On Thursday, we headed up to the mountains for a July 4th day of fun. We went to Blackhawk last 4th of July, so we decided to go up to Vail this 4th of July. We might make this a yearly tradition! On the way up, we had to make a quick potty stop… this is me holding Ellie so she could pee on the side of the road without getting it all over herself! hahaha!


We got to Vail just before noon and the place was crazy-packed! They had just finished their 4th of July parade. Once everyone cleared out from the parade it wasn’t as busy, which was nice. We rode the Gondola up to the top of the mountain…


We took in the sights, enjoyed a little picnic lunch and then headed back down.


Ellie LOVED the Gondola ride… (I love this picture because it has all of our feet in it!)


We found some fountains for her to play in for a little bit…


And then we went to a pirate ship playground for a while. (That’s her on the top, getting ready to climb the highest stairs, which she then fell down about a minute after this picture was taken! Daddy came to the rescue!)


A few years ago, Zach and I spent the weekend in Vail (right around Ellie’s 1st birthday) and I remembered the kids playing in the fountains and the pirate ship playground… so I knew exactly what I wanted Ellie to get to do this time! 🙂 We rode up the other Gondola and then headed back to the car. We were in Vail for like 4 hours – but we had a BLAST and the kids did excellent!!! Ethan napped in the stroller when he needed to – he’s still so portable and easy going!! Ellie was so happy and sweet. She didn’t get cranky until we got back to the car and she fell asleep on the way home as we hoped she would!

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect 4th of July for our sweet little family!! The rest of the weekend was quite wonderful as well – no big yard work activities to do, just hanging out and enjoying being together! Ellie is so hilarious these days and Ethan is so happy – I love my happy little family!!

Here are some big things about Ethan this week:

  • Ethan can push himself backwards mainly on his tummy. He will attempt to get on all 4s but it doesn’t last long. He also likes to shimmy in circles when on his tummy – he can make a complete 360 degree turn pretty quickly! He is also rolling around like crazy!

  • Bedtime most nights is around 8pm and he wakes between 7-8:30am. He is sleeping all night in his crib (this is a big deal!!!) and sometimes wakes up once (which doesn’t bother me because he goes right back to sleep and I can put him back in his crib). He’s getting back to having one longer nap a day, which is nice because the 30-minute naps were getting exhausting! He naps sometimes in his crib, which is a bonus!

  • Ethan has tried tons of new foods lately: watermelon, celery, banana pieces, pineapple, blueberry coconut-milk yogurt (can’t do dairy), cucumber, pita bread, bagel, chicken, bean sprouts, blueberry puree, angle food cake, rice and broccoli! We’ve been trying some purees from the jar and then we give him other random food we’re eating. He can pick up puffs and cheerios pretty easily and bring them to his mouth. He still gags quite a bit, but he’s getting better each day!

  • And just today he got his second tooth!! It’s just to the right of his first tooth! Ellie didn’t get her 2nd tooth until 9-months. It will be interesting to see if his other teeth come in quickly.

Watermelon mess:


Sitting up so tall:


Here are some funny things Ellie has said this week:

  • Sometimes when Ellie gets to watch a show, we pick what she watches, other times she gets to pick. One day I asked what she wanted to watch and she said “I want to watch the speaking tree”… which I instantly knew was ‘The Lorax’. I thought it was so cute how she said it.

  • We were playing outside and Ellie was making up some scenario where she was in need of a rescue and I needed to help her. This is how the conversation played out: Her – “You’re Jesus”. Me – “Why?” Her – “Jesus protects the children of the world” Me – “Oh, ok” Her – “Help me Jesus! Help me!” I reached out my hand. Her – “I’m ok Jesus!” Then she climbed up on the chair I was sitting in and said “So, Jesus…” and then that was all the talk about Jesus. Our neighbors were on their patio, I’m pretty sure they heard our conversation (at least Ellie’s half because she certainly wasn’t quite). I wonder what they were thinking!

  • But Why, But Why, But Why… it’s hilarious and exhausting. Where do kids get this??

  • I fed Ethan a few bottles this weekend and Ellie wanted to help. She was a very good helper!!

  • While driving in the car, Zach and I were talking about going somewhere (as a family) and Ellie said “I wanna come!!” And Zach said “Join us!” So Ellie said back “Thank you! That sounds great!!”

  • We were at Best Buy on Saturday and Ellie really wanted to push Ethan in his stroller. When she wants to push him, she does NOT want any help – so usually she runs into things, gets off track, etc. She was actually doing pretty good on a straight part and then all of the sudden she noticed something intriguing and so she gave Ethan one last big push in one direction and then turned and walked toward whatever it was that she wanted, leaving Ethan in the middle of the aisle. We just cracked up laughing so hard!!

  • She’s been calling herself and us “jean-us” (genius) lately – for random reasons. “Mom, you’re a jean-us!” 🙂

Cutie Patootie in her Swimshirt and bottoms:


Ellie loves making Ethan laugh…

About once a week, Ethan decides to be a night owl and stay up super late. Instead of fighting with him to go to bed, we just let him hang out with us… it’s so fun because he’s happy and we get some special time with just him!

On the way to Vail, Ellie started singing “Doe a dear…” she had sung it like four times before I recorded this video. She gets quiet in spots, but it’s still so cute! At the end it’s supposed to be “and that brings us back to doe, doe, doe, doe” but she says “ho, ho, ho, ho!”

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