Mr. Fix-It


I married a “Mr. Fix-it”… he’s not a self-proclaimed “Mr. Fix-it”, but a pretty humble one. Don’t get me wrong, he will attempt to tackle any project around the house – but when it’s something new, that he’s never done before – he proceeds with caution. He reads up on the task at hand and makes sure he understand the issues before beginning. He always amazes me with what he can do.

Today, he amazed me again. We got home yesterday from the Springs with the intent of turning on the air conditioning so that Ellie could go to sleep better. Saturday night she had a really hard time because it was so hot and we knew the air conditioning would help. An hour before bedtime, we turned on the air conditioner and noticed that there wasn’t any cool air coming out of the vents. Zach spent the next couple of hours reading about the air conditioning unit and taking it apart. He tested the capacitor and some other stuff – and came to the conclusion that the fan motor was the problem.

He stayed home today and spent time looking for the right parts, putting the air conditioner back together and now we have COOL air coming out of the vents!

What an amazing husband I have! All I did was encourage him and tell him I trust he can do it. Every time he encounters a new task, he proves just how smart he is and how his education really has paid off!

Good job sweetie!