More Pictures from our Road Trip

Making a Trip out of a Trip
Making a Trip out of a Trip

Not only did we get to enjoy our family reunion this past Memorial Day weekend, we also did some “tourist” stuff and saw some friends along the way during the road trip.

On the way to Oklahoma, we stopped in Amarillo, TX. We took a little trip out to the Cadillac Graveyard! It was so crazy! Nine or Ten Cadillacs stuck in the ground, and all spray-painted! We found a spray paint can and made our mark too! After seeing the Cadillac Graveyard, we had to hit the tourist trap “The Big Texan”! It’s always been something we’ve passed, but never stopped. It was decent food – and the atmosphere was fun.

Friday we made a stop in Shawnee, OK to visit OBU. We had lunch at Van’s Pig Stand with one of my computer science professors, Dr. Hanchey. The food was GREAT and it was so fun to catch up with her. We walked Zach around OBU and even got to go inside the new wellness center just built at OBU. I’m so jealous it wasn’t built when I was there!

Saturday we got to visit with two of my college roommates, Jana & Megan. We went to Cheddar’s for lunch. It was fun to see them and catch up with them, it’s too bad we live so far away. And we also missed our other half – Carisa & Amanda. Saturday night, after dinner with the family, we hung out with one of Zach’s buddies, Alan, and his wife Jessica. It was fun to meet them and hang out for a few. We were lucky we got to see them while we were in Tulsa.

On the way home on Monday, we stopped in Wichita, KS to visit with Zach’s Grandma Moon. We spent a little time catching up with her, it was a sweet visit. She’s going to Ross & Mindy’s wedding in September, so we’ll get to see her again then. For lunch we stopped in Salina, KS to have lunch with my Grandma & Grandpa Inman. It was a nice lunch. Although we had to have some quick visits so we could get home at a decent hour, we’re glad we got to spend a little time with some grandparents on the way home!

So, not only was our time with the Fulkerson’s fun, but so was the road trip itself.