More Fun Each Day


Ellie just gets more and more fun each day! At 34 weeks she is rolling all over the place… if you give her enough time on the floor, she’ll get from point A to point B without crawling! She’s gotten up on her hands and knees a few times this week, but no effort to actually use all four limbs at the same time!


She will wave at the baby in the mirror and sometimes wave to us or other people. Her arm goes a little crazy but I really think she is trying to copy waving! She has a lot of dexterity in her hands and can bang on the piano or make the little beads move along the metal wire (barely) on her wooden toy.


She’s still not too interested in food, but we keep trying! She loves to play with anything and everything… which includes putting all of those things in her mouth! She’ll reach for things more now than ever. If we’re sitting and playing on the couch she’ll move around and tumble over while trying to reach for something. Or if she drops for something, she’ll try to look for it. It’s so cute! We can’t leave her on the couch alone anymore – she’ll try to roll off!


Ellie now notices when we leave the room and looks for us. If she’s sitting on our bed and Zach walks to the bathroom, she starts looking out each door (sometimes leaning really far and almost falling over) to see where he is… it’s so cute to watch her!

Ellie is just so fun to play with these days! What a joy she is!!


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