Mommy’s Flip Flops


Ellie LOVES shoes. If she sees a pair of shoes that are her size, she HAS to put them on. She will ask us to take off whatever she is wearing to put those on. We were at a baby store this weekend and she started scooping up all the pink shoes she could reach! She also loves putting our shoes on… she does pretty great walking in them too. Her favorites though, are my flip flops! It’s a daily occurrence for her to put on my flip flops and walk around. I got two pictures of her in my flip flops this week:


She looks like such a big girl! You’ll notice in the picture above, she has two different colors of flip flops on… she LOVES wearing mis-matched shoes! She also loves playing with the flashlight! She’ll go into a dark room and play for so long – just looking up at the light on the ceiling and laughing!

We got a great video of Ellie counting at bedtime the other night. I love her sweet voice!

Along with counting, she is doing so great with her colors! She’s also stating to pronounce more of words than just the first syllable. I love riding in the car with her and hearing her little voice in the back seat, just talking up a storm!

Tonight at dinner Ellie was hitting her elbow on the table, really hard. So hard it kept hurting her. She asked for me to kiss her elbow. I told her that I would not kiss it because she was being a stinker by making it hurt herself! So, she kissed her elbow herself! Multiple times she would hit it again and kiss it again! It was so hilarious!

Ellie did GREAT in the nursery at church today! She cried when we dropped her off, but she was happy when we picked her up and the lady with her said she was happy the whole time! That was so great to hear! Maybe it’s because she was so cute in her dress today 🙂


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Baby boy is moving SO much these days! I feel him kicking/punching on both sides of my belly often! Sometimes he pushes out and makes my belly a little uncomfortable, but that doesn’t happen too often. I’ve noticed I’ve had more crazy dreams this pregnancy than last time. We haven’t watched real TV (other than the olympics) or movies in a few weeks and yet I’ve had such intense dreams – that I can retell the next day – and I have no idea where all these story lines could come from!

Here’s a picture of me at 24 weeks pregnant!