Mommy & Daddy’s 5th Anniversary


Zach and I celebrated our 5th anniversary this week! How blessed we feel to be married to each other… the last 5 years have been wonderful! Add in Ellie 3 years into our marriage and then this baby boy on the way, it’s the best life we never could have imagined for ourselves!

It snowed on Friday, the day of our anniversary. Looking back five years ago, we had a beautiful fall wedding day – outside at the park and we didn’t have a back up plan! That year, it snowed two weeks later. How lucky we were that it didn’t snow then, like it did this year!!

Ellie loved seeing the snow! It didn’t stop her from wanting to spend some time outside swinging.


We had lots of fun playing indoors this week – especially on the slide!


This week Ellie did so great at repeating the words that we say! She loves saying “hom d” for Home Depot, and then repeating anything I say. On our way home from shopping, I said “Ellie, we need to go home and show daddy what we got.” So she kept repeating “dada got!” Then today I said, “let’s go see how daddy’s doing” and she kept repeating “dada doin”. Eating out today, I took her with me to find a high chair and I said “let’s go find you a chair” and she said “high chair”! Every day this week she’s just amazed us with some of the things she’s said! I can’t wait to hear more!!!


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My folks moved out this week and into an apartment… they had been living here since late-May and still didn’t find a house in the area. They’ll take a break from house hunting until after the holidays. We sure enjoyed having them here though! On Thursday, mom was downstairs vacuuming the basement and she tripped over the canister! She fell and broke her wrist!! Ellie was down there with her when it happened. I came home from work and Dad took mom to the ER. She’s in a temporary cast and she’ll get a permanent cast next week – she’ll have to wear it for 6 to 8 weeks. Today, we were in the basement while dad was cleaning up their last few things. Ellie kept pointing back to the bedroom and saying “fell”. Then she said “fell” and acted like she was tripping backwards and then yelled “Whoa!!” We all died laughing!! We asked mom if that’s what she did and she really doesn’t remember – since it happened so quickly! I feel bad for mom, but Ellie’s reenactment was SO FUNNY!!

I had my 32-week doctor’s appointment this week. Baby boy’s heart beat was great and his head is down. We got to have an ultrasound, which made me happy. The doctor measured his belly, and for his age he’s in the 66 percentile – so that’s great. My belly is measuring 32 cm, which again is right on. We could see his eyes and mouth opening and closing and could make out his nose really well. It was so fun to see him on the ultrasound since it’s been almost 3 months since we’ve gotten to “see” him. He moves constantly and so far I’ve only received one really hard kick in my ribs. It won’t surprise me if it keeps happening! We have his dresser put together and a book shelf put together. We’re waiting on a few parts to finish putting together his chest. I repurposed Ellie’s pink side-table (since we pulled it from her room once she moved to the big girl bed) and covered it with blue fabric – I’m really happy with it. We have the crib in his room, we just need to put it back together. We’ll go this week to get fabric for his crib bedskirt and Zach’s mom will sew that for us, just like she did for Ellie’s. We’re making progress. My goal is to be done with his nursery by Ellie’s birthday. Then I’ll have a month to get some extra rest while Ellie naps in the afternoons! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet this baby boy!