Minor Changes


At 33 weeks Ellie keeps us on our toes! Here are some updates from the week…

We keep trying cereal and baby food every day. This week she tasted a cookie (not a very sugary one), prunes and a carrot stick. She wasn’t too thrilled about any of them, but she also didn’t hate them. We gave her some real sweet potato (versus the baby food jar) and a taste of jello… again, nothing too awful that she hated, she just doesn’t seem to care yet. I know eventually she will be more interested in food but until then, we will just continue trying once a day to get her to eat a bit. We decided that evening time was really poor timing for her – she’s sleepy and fussy – so we’re trying solids after her first or second nap (whatever is most convenient that day) and at least she’s not throwing a fit because she’s tired!


We decided this past week that we really need to work on Ellie napping in

her crib (versus the swing that she’s grown accustomed to) because eventually she will be too big for the swing and then we’ll be up a creek with a screaming baby and no paddle. The first few days we put her in her crib, she slept only 25-40 minutes for two naps and that was it… then she started waking up at 5:00 an 5:30 in the morning! Her degraded sleep during the day caused her to have degraded sleep at night! So instead of quitting the swing cold-turkey, we decided we’d phase it out… we’ll try a nap in the crib if she’s really sleepy and willing to lay down, roll on her side and fall asleep easily (Today, I put a sleep sack on her and she got sleepy while nursing and she fell asleep easily and actually slept for an hour and 15 minutes! That’s a record for naps in her crib!) If there are times where she’s so wired that laying her down in the crib will result in crazy melt-down that is unstoppable, we’ll just per her in the swing. Then if she gets at least three hours worth of naps during the day, she’ll wake up closer to 6:45 like her normal time! (Gosh, I can’t believe I think 6:45 is a good time to wake up!)

It’s no wonder she doesn’t like her crib – her swing is like a super-comfortable baby Lay-Z-boy!


Lately Ellie does not like to be in a laying position to nurse – which causes lots of difficulties! We’ve tried many different positions and sometimes she just refuses to nurse! If it’s before bedtime or before nap time, she is more relaxed and willing to lay back – so it’s only a few circumstances that are annoying, but those few times each week are hard for me.


Something else that has become more difficult is nursing in any setting that is not quiet and boring! At home, in her room, Ellie nurses great (except during those weird times I noted above) – but there are no noises or things to look at to cause her to be distracted. If I try to nurse her while we’re out and about (in a department store bathroom “lounge”, in a dressing room, at someone else’s house, etc.) she is so distracted that she just can’t eat! Just like when we went on our road-trip, everything was new to her that she couldn’t concentrate! So we’ve learned to adapt – I’ll pump before we leave and then just give her a bottle while we’re out. She can eat a bottle in the car, at the hair salon, while riding around in the shopping cart at Home Depot… just about anywhere! With a bottle stuck in her mouth, she can look around all she wants and doesn’t have to concentrate. It’s kind of a hassle to have to plan to pump, but it makes outings a little easier – at least easier than they were when I was trying to find the most quiet place possible – that was just impossible. If she goes too long at home refusing to eat because she doesn’t like the positions, I’ll pump and giver her a bottle too… it’s working out okay. Being a parent is all about adapting, right?

One last thing this week…Ellie’s one little tooth just sticks up farther and farther each day… it’s so cute! See it sticking up?


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