Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you had a great holiday with family and friends!

We had a great Christmas with our little Ellie!! Of course being only 8 weeks old, she has no idea what this holiday is about… but that’s okay, we enjoyed it anyway!

Last weekend we went down to Colorado Springs to have a Fulkerson Family Christmas. Greg, Lori’s brother, and his Wife, Jen, and their baby boy, Noah came over to visit. Noah is almost a year old. This was the first time that Greg’s family met Ellie. We had fun introducing Noah and Ellie to each other.


We even tried to do a little photo shoot with the two cousins:


It was easier for Greg & Lori to hold Noah and Ellie:


Noah was very sweet and he wanted to touch baby Ellie. He would touch her hand very gently, it was so cute! We all watched Noah open his gifts, although even a one-year-old doesn’t really get the idea behind presents, it was still fun. Later we opened Ellie’s gifts for her… she got lots of great stuff, including a ball rattle that she’ll grab on to if we place it close to her, and a Baby Einstein musical toy that makes her quiet and happy during fussy times!

Next year Ellie will be chasing Noah around the house! Grammy & Papa’s first Christmas with grand-babies!! They LOVED it!


This weekend was all about Ellie and her grandparents! We bundled up on Friday night and headed to the Denver Zoo to see Zoo Lights. Ellie has a great snow-suit type outfit that she hasn’t gotten to wear yet, so this was the perfect occasion. She was nice and snuggly wrapped up with her daddy in the sling.


We took lots of pictures of all the different lights as we walked around, there are more pictures in the Christmas 2010 Photo Album.

Saturday morning we had a family breakfast and took some great family photos… all 7 of us! We were so stuffed, we didn’t have our Christmas lunch until 4:00! We enjoyed spending time together as one big family… and of course ohhing and ahhing over sweet baby Ellie.


We loved spending this weekend with both of our families! We are so blessed to have both sets of Grandparents living so close to their granddaughter – who LOVE spending time with her and with us!

Oh, and Merry Christmas to us… Ellie is sleeping through the night!! The last two nights it’s been an 8 hour stretch! A few nights before that it was 6 and 7 hour stretches. Some nights if she’s not fussy at all, she won’t go to sleep until midnight – despite being put to bed around 10 – but even then, she’ll still sleep through the night!  This mommy feels like a new woman!!

To see all of our Christmas photos, here’s the link to the Christmas 2010 Photo Album.

As always…here’s the link to some of this week’s favorite pictures in the December 2010 album.