Maybe We’ll Stop Getting Sick in May!


I am so tired of us all being sick! Ellie is finally over her cough, for the most part, but her allergies are pretty bad still. She’s been taking allergy medicine every day. I was sick all last week and am just now finally recovering! Zach and I are both taking allergy meds daily as well. Poor Ethan, I think his allergies are bugging him too but he can’t take any medicine. I know that being outside might make our allergies worse, but I can’t wait to start playing outside more and hopefully get all these other germs, that are making us sick, out of our systems!

Ethan had fun playing in the activity bouncer this week. He’ll hang out for about 10 minutes and then decide he doesn’t want be in there anymore. He tolerates the Bumbo at dinner time so that he can see what’s going on. He seems REALLY interested in our food while we eat, so I’ve tried every few days to give him some rice cereal or baby food. He still won’t swallow it but we’ll keep trying until he does! Right now he’s sitting watching a Baby Einstein video on the TV and he’s smiling, giggling and talking to the TV! He doesn’t get much screen time, but I figured I’d see what he thought of a show just for him! He’s getting so much more interactive and so much fun!!


I think Ellie is really starting to enjoy him too!! She does lots of things to be silly around him. When Ethan starts laughing at something she’s doing, she keeps doing it so he keeps laughing! It’s pretty fun!! Although he’s getting heavier and heavier, Ellie still asks to hold Ethan quite often… at least for a few minutes!


Ellie is just amazing us every day – she says longer and more complex sentences each day and it’s just so cool! Here are some highlights from Ellie’s last few weeks:

  • This week Ellie said “Brown Bear is my best friend. He’s nice to me.”
  • She was eating some leftovers and said “This is not tasty!” It was so funny because she didn’t say it was gross or something yucky, but used the “not”… I thought it was very smart of her 🙂

  • After bath time, her and Zach play “night night and wake up” in her room before bed time stories. She plays pretend making all sorts of breakfast foods, including cracking the eggs! It’s adorable!

  • When something is hot that she’s eating, she’ll say “who, who, he, he, ha, hot!”

  • I don’t remember what we were talking about the other day, but she said “you’re kidding me!” and I just got so tickled!

  • When she observes me doing something, she’ll say “Mama, what-we….” fill in the blank with “eating”, “drinking”, “cleaning”, “doing”, etc. Usually the “we” is just me, but I love how she say “what-we” instead of “what are we” or “what are you” 🙂

  • She’s going to be my little soccer star, I think!


I love how these two love each other!!!


This is maybe one of my favorites… Ethan was on the floor in the Bumbo and Ellie brought her paper and pen to his level so they could be together while she drew!


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