Maternity Photo Shoot

shapeimage_1We took maternity pictures this weekend. The weather was beautiful and all the trees are starting to turn colors for fall. We’re at 34 weeks and decided now would be the best time to get some formal pictures taken. Zach took all of the pictures. We went to Lair ‘O The Bear, just outside of Morrison and then to Downtown Denver at the State Capitol building.

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On Sunday, we took a tour of the OB Unit at our hospital. We’re learning a lot in our Bradley class and knew what kinds of questions we wanted answered on the tour. We left the hospital feeling so excited for our upcoming labor and delivery experience!

With just 6 weeks left, I’m getting more and more tired as the evening goes on – much like it was in my first trimester. We still have a few more things to do in the nursery – including putting all of our little girl’s darling clothes away.