March is Almost Over

Despite March snow-storms, our pants are blooming!
Despite March snow-storms, our pants are blooming!

Above is a picture of our landscaping in our front yard. Just today I noticed the little green buds popping up! Even though we’ve had two big snow storms in the past week, the plants are blooming! I guess all the moisture probably helped… so I guess that’s what’s so good about those March snow-storms we always get!

Just an update from our last blog – which was saying Goodbye to February! March was pretty busy for us. Work was busy the first few weeks, but then some of our scheduled events got pushed out – so April will be busy as well! Last weekend, we took a quick weekend trip to Greenville, TX. Zach’s cousin Chuck was getting married and Zach took pictures. We headed out there on Thursday, had our traditional Rudy’s BBQ when we got there, then hung out with Zach’s parents before heading to Dallas for the evening. We got to hang out with Zach’s friends from high school & college and a new wife and new fiance in the group… so that was fun. Friday we hung out while Rick, Alisa, Jessica & Molly came into town. The wedding was Friday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and we got some great out-door pictures at the wedding and reception. On Saturday, Zach’s mom had quite a bit of family come over to hang out. I met some family members I hadn’t met yet, as well as got to get reacquainted with some other family members. Some of them, Zach hadn’t seen in like 10 years! It was a good time! Sunday morning we woke up to about 5 inches of snow – in Texas!! Despite the weather, we all drove to Dallas and had Babe’s chicken before heading to the airport. Yes, we do always make our trips about food 🙂

This past weekend, we had a marriage retreat at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs with our young marrieds class. It started snowing Friday afternoon, so we had a slow drive, but we got there just in time. It was great to be with our friends from church and enjoy the retreat center… while enjoying the snow. By Sunday, the weather had cleared up and it was beautiful! We had lunch with Lori’s parents before coming back to Denver.

Zach’s birthday was on Friday – which we didn’t really celebrate because we were going to the retreat. BUT – he will get to enjoy his birthday present (new skis & boots) this weekend! We did go to Cold Stone last night to have a nice little celebration! 🙂

Oh, and we’ve also had some friends have babies this month. Seth & Chamberlin had their triplets on March 15th. They were at 28 weeks gestation and will be in the hospital for a few months, but they are healthy and the family is so happy. Also, Rick & Kim had baby Zack on March 27th after being in labor for about 24 hours – they missed Zach’s birthday by 22 minutes!

So, that was our March. April will probably fly by just as fast and if you don’t get to read another post until the end of April – you’ll know we’ve been busy!