Making Room for Baby

Here's my 21 week belly
Here’s my 21 week belly

We’ve had quite the busy weekend! I had a Pampered Chef party Friday night, then we had Lucy’s 2nd birthday party Saturday afternoon and then 2 different picnics on Sunday. And while all of that has kept us busy with friends and family – we also have been doing quite a bit of work around the house. Zach’s parents got here on Thursday and have started settling into their house – Zach has been more of a help with that than I have since it’s a lot of heavy lifting and installing lots of stuff. While he’s been doing some of that, I’ve been making room for our baby at home.

I cleaned out the office – which is becoming the nursery. All of the “office junk” has been moved to the guest room and guest room closet – while a lot of junk has been put into a pile for Goodwill! I also ordered a cabinet this weekend to put on our main floor to store the random things that are in many different drawers in the kitchen and in other little cabinets that just take up space that I’ll get rid of. Zach and I have collected quite a bit of stuff over the years and it’s been easy to put it somewhere and leave it — but now that a baby will be here in less than 19 weeks, we know we need lots of room for all the stuff the baby needs and gets to enjoy! I’ve been in the “purging” mood this weekend, which has really helped me get rid of stuff I know we don’t need. I’ve also moved stuff to the crawl-space because we don’t want to get rid of it, but we don’t need it in our living areas. I have a spreadsheet of all the items in the crawl space, including labels for each box so that if we’re looking for something it’s really easy to find! I’m really excited to get the nursery all cleaned out because that means we can start decorating for our little girl!!

We started our registry last week at Babies’R’Us!! I had a list of things we’d already researched and other things I knew we wanted to get. We probably only got half of the things on the registry so far, but it’s a start! I have also thrown a few things on a Target registry because they are things we want and it’s more of a list for me to remember the things I need – like an on-line list! We will start a diaper registry in July at Sweet Beginnings. That’s a boutique store in downtown Littleton that has cloth diapers and lots of cloth diaper accessories. Since Babies’R’Us doesn’t carry anything like that, we realized we needed to find a place to register. Sweet Beginnings is in the process of setting up their on-line registry and we’ll get to be the guinea pigs for registering.

I also felt real first kicks this week! A few weeks ago I felt some strange flutters in my tummy, but wasn’t positive if that was the baby or not. Multiple days this week I definitely felt kicks and just loved it!! Zach was SO excited to know what I was feeling and we can’t wait until he can feel the kicks himself!

It seems more and more real each day that a little one will grace us with her presence sooner than later!! What a blessing!!!