Lucy’s 1st Birthday

Lucy loving her cake & the attention!
Lucy loving her cake & the attention!

Today was Lucy’s 1st Birthday party… It was Lucy’s birthday, but it was our first – 1st birthday party to attend!! We’ve never gone to a 1st birthday party for anyone, so it was a blast to watch Lucy start to explore the little cake in front of her and the sugary tastes that came along with it! They ordered a sheet cake for the party and because it was a 1st birthday, the bakery made a little birthday cake just for Lucy!

Here are a few pictures of Lucy enjoying her cake:


She was quite the mess!! But an adorable mess!!

Having Chad live next door has been a blast! We spent quite a few nights this past weekend hanging out over there, playing with Lucy and visiting with family. Chad’s parents (Howard & Jane – Zach’s uncle & aunt) are here for a month – going back and forth from Jane’s sister’s house in Castle Rock to Howard & Jane’s cabin in Buena Vista and to Chad’s house! Lindsay, Chad’s younger sister, was here this weekend and will head up to the cabin tomorrow. This is all the family we saw and stayed with in Wichita when Zach’s grandmother passed away. It was a sad time, but what a great opportunity to re-connect with family and build a bond that can come all the way back to Colorado!

Zach took quite a few pictures of Lucy last night too, as she was just cracking all of us up!! Zach is doing quite the job of becoming a photographer… and here’s my favorite so far, Lucy’s cute little feet while she’s pulling herself up on a chair:


You’ll probably be seeing a lot of pictures of Lucy for a while… she’s a hoot, she lives next door, she’s so photogenic and we just love her!!