Loving Girl


This sweet girl of ours has been so loving lately! She loves giving kisses and enjoys the occasional cuddle with us, her stuffed animals, or blankets:


Ellie’s eating habits have been so unpredictable lately! During one meal we can’t get enough food to her, other meals she doesn’t really care to munch on much of anything. She’s quite the mystery… but one thing is for sure, she could eat her weight in grapes and they always make her happy!

Ellie is starting to say some specific things:

  • “wah” is water in her sippy cup. She says it when she wants her water… she typically motions “want” towards her sippy cup and says “wah”.

  • She tries to make the “quack quack” sound when she sees a duck, it sounds more like “ka ka” but it sounds different than other words she tries to say.

  • She says “ummm” when she sees a cow or we ask her what noise a cow makes, she’s trying to moo!

  • She’ll stand at our feet and say “dow” because she wants us to pick her up. I keep trying to teach her to say “up”! Then once we’re holding her, she’ll say “dow” when she wants to get down.

  • When she wants a grape, she’ll motion “want” and say “kaa kaa”.

  • She calls a lot of things “cup” by saying “cu”… cups, bowls, candles in glass jars, etc.

She really likes “k” and “c” words… and just like “quack” and “grape” above, she uses the “k” and “c” noises with a long “a” or other vowel as needed. It’s pretty amazing to be able to start to understand what she’s saying! We’re still working on signing some things, but not as much as I originally planned.

We took Ellie to see some more Christmas lights this weekend. She’s still more excited about street lights or cars driving by… but she did “ohh” and “wow” a couple times at the Christmas lights! 🙂

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Friday night we went to Zach’s work Christmas party! It was a big party at the Hyatt downtown. We got a hotel room down there and left Ellie with my folks. We drove downtown early, got ready for the party and then enjoyed not having to drive home late after the party! I enjoyed meeting some of Zach’s co-workers and visiting with some folks that I used to work with. This year’s party was a big deal – they had Governor John Hickenlooper come and speak. The best part about this party, we didn’t have to pay a penny for the party or dinner! That’s quite different than my work parties – which is why we’ve never gone to any of those parties! They even had a professional photographer there! (I used my phone to take a picture of the picture they gave us)


Our house is almost completely framed! Here’s a picture from half-way through the week. The guy in this picture was standing on the corner of the house – watching these guys work is amazing!


We haven’t gotten a picture with the roof yet… I’ll have to take the camera over there some time this week! It’s so fun to get to walk through OUR house… not the model, but our house! 🙂 Progress is good!

This picture is in the Building Our House photo album.