Love this Girl!


I don’t have much of an update this week – and I’m already a few days behind… so let’s just say “We sure do love this girl!” What a blast she is!!!

We think she’s teething again, so that’s no fun. She looks and acts more grown up every day. Now she can climb up on the side of the couch and sit there like a big girl – and slide off slide a big girl!


We went outside and ran around A LOT last Friday – the snow is still melting around here so there were puddles everywhere! There was no keeping her out of them, so I just let her have a ball! It was fun to watch! 🙂


Here’s a fun video from Zach’s phone of Ellie dipping her chip in some guac! Love it!

The house is moving along great! They finally finished all the outside rock! They did texture on the walls inside. The cabinets got delivered and installed. All the doors, railings, window sills and trim are also installed. It’s looking like a real house! We had Lowes come out and measure for blinds on Monday – they’ll install them the day after we close!