Lots of Babbles!!


Ethan has really started babbling a bunch this week!! He’s also way more interactive lately! He loves looking at us to see if we’re looking at him – then gets a huge smile on his face when we smile at him. He talks so much! Maybe he’s trying to keep up with his sister!


He just giggles and giggles if you sing to him! Singing to him at bedtime doesn’t work out so well, because he gets a excited and happy – instead of chilling out to fall asleep! 🙂 Although I just love singing to him at bed time!

We think Ethan MIGHT be teething. He’s been extra grouchy and is chewing on everything! He could still be way off from teething though, so who knows! We have a little crocodile teether that we gave to Ethan this week. Ellie had it as a baby but never really got the hang of biting the tail to make it vibrate. He chewed on it once and got it to work! He loves it!


Here’s a video of him babbling away today!

Here are some things about Ellie’s week:

  • Ellie busted her lip a few times this week – for some reason her bottom lip is the most injured part of her body! Poor thing!

  • She’s doing so good with “Please” and “Thank You” and “No Thank You”. Her “No thank you mommy” is my favorite – although usually it’s when she’s saying no to something I’m asking her to do. It’s pretty cute and I’d much rather hear “no thank you mommy” instead of just a flat-out “NO!” 🙂 Sometimes she says “Um, no” – it’s hilarious even though that reaction is not desired 🙂

  • We opened the garage door the other day and Ellie said “burr, it’s cold! Mama, It’s FREEZING!”

  • We were heading into the grocery store the other day and out of no where, Ellie said “Let’s do this!”

  • We did Easter baskets (since Ellie was sick during Easter) and an Easter egg hunt this week. Ellie had fun going around the house looking for her eggs!

We had a play date with my brother’s family on Saturday. Greg, Jen & Noah came up to our house after breakfast and we just played and chatted at the house. Both Noah and Ellie were pretty shy at first, but eventually they enjoyed playing next to each other. 🙂  Then we went to the park. The kids had fun on the slide and playing in the rocks. We got a few cute pictures of the two of them. Noah is 10 months older than Ellie and it’s fun to hear some of the things he says that Ellie doesn’t quite do yet. Noah looks just like Greg when he was little and Ellie looks quite a bit like me – so it’s fun to see these two side by side! I’ll have to find some pictures of Greg and me when we were little to compare them!


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