Lori’s Time in Pennsylvania

Lori with Tim & Jen's Kids:  Lindsey & JD
Lori with Tim & Jen’s Kids: Lindsey & JD

I had to be in Valley Forge, PA for a meeting on Tuesday evening and a big brief to our VP on Wednesday. So after our fun little vacation in DC and Maryland, I rented a car and drove to PA. Needless to say I was nervous about the meetings, but I knew after that I would get to visit Tim & Jen and see some other sites in Philly.

Wednesday after my meeting, I headed out to Tim & Jen’s house. I played with JD and Lindsey for a while and just hung out. Later after the kids went to bed I got to spend some good time with Tim & Jen. We watched the Phillies win the World Series and then just talked. For those of you who know, Tim was recently diagnosed with ALS. They’ve been trying different kinds of treatments, medicines, tests, etc. They’ve started a holistic medicine approach that seems to be helping a lot! Praise God!! While spending time with Tim & Jen, I got to see how strong they have been through all of this! I’ve talked to them over e-mail, etc. but hadn’t seen them face to face since hearing about Tim’s diagnosis. Their faith is so strong knowing that the Lord will take care of them in whatever what He desires. They are just clay in His hands and I know God is being glorified through this situation. It’s amazing to see Tim & Jen’s hearts and I’m so proud of them. Everyone, thank you for all of your prayers for them – God is at work!!

Thursday morning I got up and got to spend some more time with Jen, Lindsey & JD while Tim was at work. I got to know Tim, Jen & Lindsey while Tim was on TDY out here in Denver a few years ago… I sure wish we lived closer because I think we’d be best friends with them. I just love playing with Lindsey and JD! We had a fun morning, but then I needed to head out so I could go visit a few places in Philly before catching my flight home.

I drove into Philly looking for the 1154 Lill Store. 1154 Lill is the purse company that Julie and I have had house parties for – where the local rep brings fabrics and all the purse designs and everyone designs their purses. You can also order purses on-line. Julie just had a party, so I already ordered my “replacement” purse that I’ve had for two years, then I have a little travel purse and a brief-case that I take to work everyday. I also have a headband that Zach ordered for me after I purchased my travel purse. So I just wanted to visit the store and see what it was like! It was fun to talk to the lady working about the fact that I’ve ordered on-line and had house parties, but never been in a store. It was so hard to not buy another purse because they’re so fun! I did buy another headband though 🙂

After 1154 Lill, I went to get a Geno’s Cheesesteak! Last time we were in Philly, we had a Pat’s cheesesteak, so this time I had to try Geno’s across the street. They tasted the same to me – yummy! (I probably just offended everyone in Philly)

We’ll see how many more times I get to head out to Valley Forge for work. The first time I went a few months ago, Tim & Jen were on vacation, but I got to see our other TDY friend, Brian. So at least I get to visit with friends while out there!