Littleton Harvest Festival

Pumpkins Galore!
Pumpkins Galore!

This past weekend was my birthday. Zach was able to be home, once again, for a special weekend! We enjoyed the weekend the way we like – relaxing! We did some shopping and other fun things on Friday, then went to go see the new movie “Fireproof”. It was so good!!! Really good! I’d encourage you to go see it! Zach made my special day special just for me!!

On Saturday we went to the Littleton Harvest Festival with our small group from church. They had apple cider, pumpkin pie, wagon rides, a small hay maze, and of course random farm animals. The weather decided to be rainy and cold starting on Friday… so it was not the best day for hanging out with friends outside, but we did anyway! We took a great group picture – but not with our camera – so I’ll post it if I get a copy of it.

The best part of the Harvest Festival was that they had all these old-school “toys”. They had wooden hula-hoops and other random toys. They also had stilts! Susan was super excited and challenged me to walking on stilts. I said “sure why not!” not knowing that she grew up walking on stilts and I had never tried in my life!!! It was funny, I’ll say that!!  Then the guys got in to the action as well. Here are some pictures of us trying to walk on the stilts (some better than others).