Life with Two Little Ones


Ethan is almost two-weeks old now, so we’ve had some time to adjust to life with two little ones… here’s a look into the past few weeks.

We came home from the hospital after one night. I recovered more easily than when Ellie was born and we didn’t feel like we needed another night at the hospital. Ethan picked up nursing really fast and was doing so well that we knew going home would be fine. At day three, Ethan weighed 7 lbs. 8.5 oz. On day five, he weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz. He gained 4.5 oz. in two days! The doctors like to see babies gain an ounce a day, so he did great! I can’t wait to see how much he weighs at his two week appointment.

Zach had to go back to work on Monday and I was pretty nervous about taking care of both kiddos all day long. Luckily, we have wonderful grandparents who live close by. The grandmas took turns coming over Monday through Thursday at 7:30 am to help with Ellie so I could take care of Ethan. After getting the hang of things I decided to try it on my own on Friday and it went pretty well! This week, the grandmas are coming over for a few hours in the mornings just to visit but the morning routine and then naps and early evening I’m by myself. I feel a lot more confident this week! 🙂


Adjusting to having a new baby at home wasn’t so bad, but Ellie is still adjusting to the change. She LOVES baby Ethan, but she seems to have some separation anxiety at bed time. One of us has to lay with her for one to two hours at bed time and she’s also waking up A LOT in the middle of the night. After the first few nights of Zach getting up with her, we decided that he would get better sleep if he just sleeps with her after the first time she wakes up. In another week, if she’s still having issues, we’ll probably try to let her cry it out and see how that goes. We didn’t want her to feel like she was being replaced or being abandoned, so we we’ve been really sensitive to letting her cry in her room. Who knows if that’s the RIGHT answer, but that’s what we’re trying! We’ll see how the next week goes!


We’re also having some discipline issues with Ellie. I’m not sure if it’s the terrible two’s coming out more and more or if she’s mad at us for turning her world upside down – could be a little of both. We’ve been reading some books and trying to be a little more stern with her. Up until now we were maybe a little too relaxed with discipline and we need to do better.

Ethan is a pretty chill little dude. He can sleep through all sorts of noise that Ellie makes and has already fallen into a great routine! He’s sleeping in 3.5 to 4 hour increments at night. He’ll stay awake for two hours in the morning after a full-night’s rest and then again in the evening at dinner time before bed time. If he stays awake for two hours, he’s ready to nurse again before falling asleep. The rest of the time, he nurses, then stays awake for 20-30 minutes and can fall asleep by himself in three hour stretches. He’s kind of fallen into the “Baby Wise” routine, which is funny because after attempting Baby Wise with Ellie, I decided to throw that idea out! I won’t follow Baby Wise by the book with Ethan, but it’s kind of cool that he’s in that rhythm! 🙂


Ethan took a pacifier the first day and it’s pretty awesome how he can pacify himself! If he doesn’t have a pacifier, sometimes just sucking on his hands helps too! Ellie never took a pacifier – even in her screaming fits, it never worked to soothe her. Ethan HATES having his diaper and clothes changed, but the pacifier helps calm him down a bit. He enjoys being swaddled and can sleep in his crib just fine on his left side (with a roll of blankets to keep him propped up). He also takes great naps just chilling on the boppy.


Ethan seems to have some reflux and dairy intolerance issues, just like Ellie did. Luckily, I was able to notice it right away and already went off dairy. He’s doing better, but we will probably need to get him some baby Zantac also. We’ll try to bring back dairy in a month and see if it’s still an issue.

Ellie’s vocabulary is expanding and she’s just so funny! Here are some things she’s said during the last few weeks:

  • If I ask her to share something with me, she says “no problem” and hands me what I’m asking for.

  • “Bye bye car. See you soon” one day when we went into a restaurant. She loves her new car!

  • “Ephan? Where’s Ephan?” any time she doesn’t know where he is.

  • “There There, dada here” is what she says to her bubbles in the bath tub. We think she’s pretending like they’re “Baby Nemo” in Finding Nemo.

  • She says “Same Thing” to lots of things that are similar!

  • She counts random numbers between 11 and 20 and then says “ding” like the microwave is cooking!

  • Pretends to be on the phone and says “Low? (hello) Well. Pretty Good.” Today, she pulled her hand down, acted like she pressed a button and said “call back”.

  • She carried a book to Zach one morning and asked “Read Book”, and then said “Read this book”.

  • The other morning Ethan was still asleep upstairs and we were down stairs eating breakfast. Ellie heard Ethan cry on the monitor so she ran to the stairs and yelled “Ephan! Come Down!” Then I pulled out my phone to record it and she said “Ephan! Come Down Here!” That was her first real four-word “sentence”!!