Laid Back January


This past weekend the temperature got up to 60 degrees, so we put the kids in the double stroller and went for a little jog. I just started running last month – which means I worked up to a mile on the treadmill over the last month. I try to get downstairs to jog a mile every few days. I’ve never been a runner nor have I ever really wanted to run, but now that I’m nursing Ethan very little these days, I have to do something to stay in shape! We did P90X just before I got pregnant with Ellie and that was my last bit of true exercise… for 4 years! When I started running on the treadmill last month I could hardly go half a mile, so I’m pretty proud of the fact that I can now run a mile without wanting to pass out and die! We’ll see what the next few months bring – maybe I’ll work up to longer runs. Zach will love having a partner to run with him….

We’ve had a pretty laid back January. The first week of January, Zach wasn’t feeling well, but luckily it didn’t turn into anything bad and none of us got sick either. Ethan had a horrible diaper rash for almost 3 weeks straight! We visited the doctor’s office twice and made many calls to talk to the nurse at the doctor’s office too. That was not fun, for any of us! Since his rash was so bad, we skipped out on church for the last month because I didn’t want someone in the nursery changing his diaper and having to mess with special wipes (basically wipes washed out so it’s more like water wipes) and special creams! His rash is almost gone now, thankfully.

It snowed in early January and since Zach wasn’t feeling well, I “had” to take Ellie outside to play. Zach usually takes her out while I mess with Ethan. It was a welcomed change and we just had so much fun outside! The snow was pretty fluffy, which made making snowballs or a snowman pretty difficult. We did sled down the driveway – which was pretty fun! 🙂 The snow hung around long enough to make some snow ice cream a few days later! It was yummy! 🙂


Here are some fun things about Ellie this month:

  • We’ve been doing a sticker chart for Ellie lately. She gets a sticker for various things (I won’t bore you with the details of those actions). Usually she gets a small present when she reaches a certain number of stickers. In early January we decided we should take her to see Frozen – so when she got that row of stickers completed, we went to the movies. We left Ethan with Zach’s folks and enjoyed the time at the movie theater. Ellie loved the movie (although she wasn’t a fan of the snow monster) and she talks about it a lot.
  • Now that Ellie has seen Frozen, she has added that music to her list of songs she dances to after dinner every night. Our friends Grant & Victoria sent her a few dress-up dresses and she’s decided to wear one specific dress every night for her dancing. This is beneficial for us because it can also be taken away as punishment for not following directions, etc. She usually straightens up with one threat of getting her dress taken away that night. She has only had her dress taken away one night so far. Half the time she dances and the other part of the time she likes watching the music video on our phones!
  • We’ve started growing her bangs out. Since she hated us cutting them so much, I decided to get rid of the hassle and grow them out. She wears a clip sometimes to keep them our of her face… and other times she’s so stubborn that she just lets them fall in her face and pretends it doesn’t bother her! 🙂
  • Speaking of dance – I signed Ellie up for a “Disney Pip Hop” class at the rec center, since she loves dancing so much. The first week, she didn’t do anything! She just sat there, ignoring the teacher. At least she wasn’t crying and disruptive. The second week it took all my patience to get a screaming child dressed for dance class. Although I’m not trying to force dancing on her, I am trying to teach her that although new situations may seem scary, it’s worth it to keep trying and have fun. I think she was nervous of the other kids and her teacher — and she’s stubborn and just wanted to put her foot down. So, that week we went under the guise that she would just watch the class. By the end, she started dancing when they did their “free-style” portion. This week went wonderfully! I asked her teacher to ignore her a little – basically not pay special attention to her and then when Ellie is ready, she’ll start showing signs of wanting attention from the teacher. I was amazed at how quickly Ellie started following the teacher and having fun! What a process!! There were lots of other things that went into getting her back every week – but it worked. Tools I can remember for a hard situation next time! 🙂 She even wanted to wave good-bye to the teacher when we left – which is a BIG step for Ellie! 🙂
  • If there’s something she wants to do that she’s been thinking about, she’ll start with “mom, I was thinking…” it’s so cute!
  • Ellie asked me the other day if I wanted a lollipop because I did something well (I don’t remember what the thing was though). It was so sweet. I told her “no thanks sweetie, I don’t need a lollipop. But thanks for offering!”
  • She yelled “Wait up Ethan” the other day as he ran out of the room and she wanted to give him something. She just seems so grown up!
  • We drove down the street the other day along an area where landscapers had sprayed that blue/green seed stuff all over the grass. It looks ridiculous but at least it’s green, right? Well, when Ellie saw it, she yelled “Oh no! The grass is green!” Then I teased her and asked her “isn’t the grass supposed to be green?” We then had to talk about what it was and why it was a weird green color. 🙂
  • I had to stop at a red light the other day and Ellie was bummed that we had to stop (for some reason, I don’t know why though). I got to go again and when I passed under the green light she yelled “and the winner is mom!!”

Here are some fun things about Ethan this month:

  • Ethan can say and recognize a few numbers. His favorite is 8. Any time he sees the number (on a clock, in a book, etc.), he yells “eight!” very clearly. He can say one, five and nine very clearly also. He will randomly walk around the house saying “8, 9, 8, 9…” it’s hilarious!
  • Ethan enjoys flipping through board books all the time. He’s not really interested in the words yet, but if he disappears somewhere, he’s usually off in the corner with a book!
  • Ethan can say apple and corn really well. Specifically when he’s eating them or holding the play food version.
  • Anytime I get off the phone and say “okay, bye” he’ll yell “BYE!”
  • Most days when finishing up eating if I ask if he’s all done, he’ll yell “done!”
  • After dinner one night, I was sweeping the food off the floor (he throws a lot on the floor). Ethan came over and picked up two pieces and placed them in the dustpan. He then said “all done!” (not super clear, but I know that’s what he was trying to say).
  • Da means dad and duck.
  • Ethan loves saying “saw” for sock. Anytime he sees socks, he says “saw!”
  • He still loves yelling “CAA” anytime he sees a vehicle with wheels!
  • The separation anxiety has started! If I leave the room for just a second, he immediately cries! When Zach and I are both in the same room, if one of us leaves (doesn’t matter who), he gets so mad! ha! If I can sneak out of the room, I get lucky, but once he realizes I left, he starts crying and searching for me!
  • He still hasn’t gotten his 4th bottom front tooth, but I’m pretty sure there’s a molar getting ready to break through the gums. We had a couple of rough nights when he had his bad diaper rash. We gave him tylenol thinking his bottom was hurting but I actually think the pain was from the molar!
  • Ethan has mastered climbing the stairs for the small slide in the basement. He likes to STAND at the top! Good grief! He still needs help getting both his legs forward to slide down. But he does love sliding down the slide!
  • He is also really good at stacking rings and putting coins in his piggy bank!
  • He currently naps and sleeps at night on his floor! He fights the crib like crazy right now and since his diaper rash started I couldn’t just let him cry because he would poop and need a change. So this month we went with the flow and let him sleep on a pallet of blankets on the floor. It’s worked out okay. We’ll see what the next few weeks bring!
  • We got his hair cut last weekend for the 2nd time. He did great and looks so handsome!

We are so thankful for our special down-time at home this January. It’s been nice not running too many errands or having too many activities to keep us on the go. We really enjoy being home with our little family and taking it easy! 🙂

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