Labor Day Weekend Trip to Texas


We decided a few weeks ago that we needed to take a trip to Texas to enjoy some thrill rides – at Six Flags Over Texas and the Schlitterbahn! We had a long weekend because of Labor Day so we decided that we’d make the trip – and hopefully it wouldn’t be terribly hot and it would be less crowded! We were right!!

We left for Texas on Thursday morning, after having spent Wednesday evening hanging out with Lori’s cousin, Angela – who was out visiting friends for the week.  Zach’s parents picked us up and we ate at La Madeline (one of many MUST EAT places while in Texas). After eating, we headed over to the new Cowboy’s Stadium for a tour. It was pretty fantastic! The stadium is HUGE and it was really neat to see how everything was set up. They were getting ready for the OU/BYU game on Saturday, so they were in the midst of changing out the turf for that game. We got to see lots of areas of the stadium, including the locker rooms and the field-level suites! Now watching a game on TV at that stadium will be pretty cool – since we’ve gotten to see it all up close. That night, we had dinner with Zach’s brother, Ross & his wife Mindy. It was nice to see them, it’s been almost a year since we’ve seen both of them. Then we stopped at Bahama Buck’s to get snow-cones (this is Lori’s MUST EAT TREAT while in Texas).

Friday we hung out in Greenville and saw some other family members – Chuck & Jeff, Zach’s cousins and Mike & Susie – Zach’s aunt & uncle. It was nice to just spend the day spending time with family. Saturday morning we got up and headed for Arlington to go to Six Flags Over Texas. We got there when they opened at 10:00 and by 3:30, we were ready to leave…. because we got a Flash Pass and were able to ride every ride we wanted to multiple times within those five and a half hours there!! It was a very warm day, but we didn’t wait in a line at all!! It was fantastic!! If we didn’t have the Flash Pass, we would not have been able to ride as many rides as we did – so it was such a good deal!! After we left Six Flags, we drove to Waco to stay there for the night. We drove around Baylor University to see the campus before heading to Rudy’s – yep, another MUST EAT place we had to go to!

Sunday morning we drove another two and a half hours to New Braunfels to visit the Schlitterbahn! Neither of us had been there at that was the main reason for this trip. We’d heard of the amazing water park and wanted to try it out for ourselves! The park has been around for 30 years – there’s an “older” part which has less modern slides and more “tube chutes” that are like different rivers that go throughout the park. They were a blast! The older side uses river water and it was pretty cold – but felt good on the hot day! After playing at the older side for a little while, we headed to the newer side. This park has three up-hill water slides. They use lots of water and lots of water pressure to push you and the tube up-hill! It was pretty crazy!! We left the park Sunday early evening so we could head to dinner in San Antonio and visit the Riverwalk and the Alamo. It was fun to see San Antonio downtown. Oh, and we got snow-cones at Bahama Buck’s on the way back to the hotel!

Monday morning we went back to the Schlitterbahn!! We were hoping there would be less people there because maybe they used Labor Day as a “travel day”…. and we were right! We rode many of the long-line rides that we didn’t ride the day before. It was so much fun! We went back to the older side and rode a few more of the tube chutes before calling it a day! Two days! We ate a late lunch at Rudy’s – yep, had to do it again! Then we headed to Austin to check out some stuff there. We walked around the State capital and drove around the University of Texas – Big School! Then we went to the Congress Ave. bridge to wait for the bats. Yep, that’s what we did…. there’s a bridge where a whole bunch of bats sleep and then come out right after dusk. There were a lot of people lined up and waiting to see the bats and even boat tours along the river to see the bats… apparently it’s a big deal. Right after the sun set, we could hear the bats start to make lots of noise, then slowly fly out from under the bridge. It was pretty interesting. Then we went and had dinner in downtown Austin.

Tuesday, we got to sleep in a bit before heading to the airport. We got breakfast at Whataburger (again, must eat breakfast!) and headed to the airport. It’s nice to be home – especially since Zach’s been traveling almost non-stop for the past three months… but our vacation was fantastic and we’re so glad we got to do so much fun stuff in Texas!

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