Kim and Rick’s Baby Shower

Kim & Lori...
Kim & Lori…

Today we got to shower our friends, Kim & Rick, to celebrate their baby boy that is on the way! Rick & Kim moved here in June of last year… Zach worked with Rick back in DC and when Rick found out they were moving to Colorado, Zach was the first person he called! They found a house just down the street from us and the four of us were instantly friends! When we found out they were pregnant, I was so excited to think about throwing a baby shower for Kim!!

I started planning the shower about a month and a half ago with Rick… we wanted it to be a surprise for Kim and the only way to pull that off is to get help from her hubby! Zach was a great helper and I ran ideas by him all the time! We got the invites sent out and started planning food! Rick & Kim have a lot of neighbors they hang out with and Kim’s brothers and their families live nearby… so we decided to have a Couple’s Baby Shower. We decided not to play the typical baby shower games since there were going to be guys joining us… instead we just enjoyed some great food and opened gifts!

We got Rick to convince Kim to go shopping with her family without him and we headed to their house to get everything set up. By one o’clock, we were done setting up and Kim came home. I had told Rick that I didn’t want Kim to get home right when everyone was arriving – I’d hate for a 7 & a half month pregnant woman to be SO totally surprised with all these people… who knows what could happen!! So she came home to just us and was so surprised!

Everyone arrived and we had a great time hanging out and celebrating the baby on the way!! We had a table full of yummy food: Veggies & Ranch, Spinach dip & crackers, fruit & fluffy fruit dip, barbecue meat balls, ranch-style Ritz Bits snacks, a great cream cheese dip with chips, Chex Mix, chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate cake and a yummy blue punch!

The table of food:

Diaper cake… I had so much fun making this cute decoration:

Some of the decorations:

Everyone sitting around watching Kim open presents:

Kim enjoyed opening all the cute gifts:


They’re naming their baby boy… Zach!! 🙂 We’re so excited to meet Zach in late March… maybe he’ll be born on March 26th… that’s Zach’s birthday!!

Congrats Kim & Rick… we’re so excited to share in this adventure with you!