I wanted to post a few pictures and stories from this week before we got into all the Christmas festivities….

Ellie has been playing with some cute jelly-decals on the patio door – Christmas trees, presents and a train (complete with engine, cars and a caboose). She loves putting them all in a line and then moving them to another spot on the door. She calls the caboose a “ka-goose” and I think it’s the sweetest thing! She just asked me “Sit mama, right there” while playing at the back patio door – that’s her second 4-four phrase! They’re just pouring out of her now!!

Ethan is doing well – I’ve gotten better at attempting to soothe him to sleep for naps in between feedings. The first week he would randomly stay awake for two hours or go right to sleep, so I figured I should probably try to help him get to sleep more consistently. It seems to be working. He LOVES being in a wrap carrier – the Moby wrap and the Mai-Tai wrap. We had the Tai-Tai wrap with Ellie and she never liked being in it with me – she would tolerate it with Zach though. We found a Moby wrap at a consignment store and got it. I’m not great at tying the Moby wrap yet, but Ethan doesn’t seem to mind. Sometimes putting him in the wrap next to me is the quickest way to put him to sleep! I love it – especially because it keeps my hands free to do stuff with Ellie while putting Ethan to sleep!

I love taking pictures of this sweet boy!


We’ve had lots of fun playing this week – especially with balloons! Who knew balloons could keep a kid so entertained! 🙂


I’m loving being home with my kiddos! It has it’s trying moments, but the good times out-weigh the bad! 🙂 One day this week, I couldn’t get Ethan to fall asleep for his afternoon nap. I usually try to time it so that he falls asleep, then I get Ellie down for her nap – then I can usually have ONE HOUR to nap myself. I had Ethan in the swing and he wasn’t settling down. I laid Ellie in bed with her milk and told her I needed to check on Ethan. I kept going back and forth between their rooms. Eventually I realized I was just disturbing Ellie from falling asleep, so I didn’t go back in… and miracle of miracles, she fell asleep without me going back in there! It was pretty awesome! 🙂 I don’t think I can count on that happening all the time, but that day it was great! 🙂


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