Just Springing Along….

Although this weekend is the first weekend of Spring, it sure has felt like Spring for the last month. We had one crazy week of snow in there, but otherwise, it was beautiful and we got to play outside lots! The kids and I both got sick in early March, complete with croup for Ellie as usual, but we’re all healthy now!

Ellie is really enjoying preschool and is getting so much better at writing her name! At home, she really enjoys standing in the learning tower at the island and asking how to spell certain words so she can write them. We’ll help her sound out the words and sometimes help her with certain letters by drawing dots for her to trace the letter. Every day she gets better! At open gym, Ellie runs to jump on the vault and she hits the spring-board like a champ! She even runs like a gymnast! It’ll be interesting to see how she does next fall when we attempt to do gymnastics classes. Ellie says funny things these days when she’s copying something we usually say but gets it slightly wrong – it’s pretty cute. One day we were headed to the grocery store and she asked if she could get a cake pop, we told her “no” and her response was “then what’s the good news?” which was funny because we hadn’t told her there was good and bad news! Talking to her lately is so fun because she has such a good vocabulary and it’s almost like talking to an adult at times. Other adults really get a kick out of having a conversation with her also!

Both kids lately have been both wonderfully sweet and terrible-twos/terrible-fours like! It’s crazy how one thing can just set them off and something else can calm them down. Ellie isn’t as easily calmed down as Ethan is. He is still easily distracted to forget about the reason he threw a fit to begin with. We are constantly trying to figure out the “right” way to deal with each kid. It’s definitely an adventure! 🙂

Ethan’s vocabulary has exploded lately. He can articulate just about anything he wants to these days, which is pretty nice! He definitely says the darnedest things that just crack us up! Here are just a few fun things about Ethan lately:

  • He likes to say “No, I don’t want <fill in the blank> anymore” about anything when he’s tired of it. One day, the kids were watching “The Jesus Movie” and Ethan said “I don’t want Jesus anymore!!” oops!!
  • Ethan will say a word, then focus on the first sound, repeat the sound, then say the word and the letter it starts with. For example, “Music, mmm, mmm, mmm, music starts with M!” He does it with all words and letters. Then we talk about other words that start with those letters!
  • Ethan is still a champ at writing letters and numbers – he prefers blank paper where he can just write whatever is on his mind. He also likes switching colors quite often – he’ll write one or two things with one color, then switch to a new color. If you say ANY color, he’ll say “<that color>, that’s my favorite!”
  • When Ethan had a runny nose a few weeks ago, he was playing with his numbers and he got snot on one of them – he freaked out and started yelling “oh no! my eight!!” and brought it to me so I could clean it off!
  • When Ethan loses some of his number puzzle pieces and we’re searching for them, he gets SO excited when I find them. The other day I found his three and I get a “yay mama!! Three! Woo hoo!!”
  • There’s a Dora The Explorer show Ethan likes where there’s a dog-catch in the show. He watches it a lot because they count 100 keys in the show. Well, today at the park Ethan saw a man walking two dogs and he said “Hi Dog Catcher!”
  • Although I started having Ethan just have a “quiet day” instead of a nap at the beginning of the year, he has favored naps lately. One day I took him into his room to have a quiet day and he instructed me to close the windows, turn on the white noise and lay down beside him (which would normally be done for a nap) but I’d done the opposite things for his quiet day. It’s pretty great that he can tell us when he wants a nap. I only let him nap for 30-45 minutes most days because if he naps longer he will stay up crazy late… just like Ellie used to do until we figured out she shouldn’t have naps anymore!
  • Friday night we took the kids to the mall to do some quick shopping. We rode an elevator and Ethan just got a kick out of it. When we were in a few stores, Ethan kept telling people “go to the elevator!” He was so excited to go back to the elevator when we left. Well, since that trip, I have asked him about the elevator at least five different times just to help him forget about a tantrum! It’s hilarious! Today, when I dropped him off at the nursery at church, he was reaching back for me and crying for me. I told him I had to go to church and he should tell the nice lady about the elevator. He instantly stopped crying and started talking about the numbers we pressed in the elevator. Another lady that was there just stared at me in amazement that he changed his demeanor that quickly! ha!
  • Lately Ethan is REALLY good at following directions – even to go upstairs and take a bath (which used to be really difficult) and he always says “ok, mama” in the sweetest voice. I know this won’t last forever, but for now, I’m relishing in those moments!

Here’s a fun video of Ethan – playing with some sticks (they have numbers on them of course) and then singing his ABCs and counting…

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