Just So


I’ve mentioned in the past how meticulous Ellie is about things – pulling things out of the pantry and setting them up “just so” is the most obvious way we’ve seen it. Here are a few more examples from this week, that I just love!!

The above photo is Ellie lining up all of her farm animal magnets on the fridge. I didn’t tell her to do this, she just did it and I realized I needed to grab the camera QUICK! I’m so glad I did! 🙂

I pulled Ellie’s paisley decals off of her walls early this week in preparation for Susie coming to paint Ellie’s room. When I pulled them off, Ellie wanted to play with them. First she laid them on her bed, then she started putting them on the walls. She would place them all on one wall, then pull them off and go to another wall. It was SO fun to watch her little mind be creative!


If they got stuck together, she’s ask me to pull them apart and she’d be back to work…


Once they got stuck together too much, she would bring it to me and tell me it was trash. Then she decided to wear the last one… she was so proud!

Here she is drawing. She draws with both hands – so she still doesn’t favor one over the other. She’s gets so serious!


Now that she has a kitchen all set up, she takes all of her kitchen items and moves them around the house setting them up “just so”…


Silly girl came in from outside and didn’t want to take off her hat, jacket or shoes… but went straight to working on moving stuff around…


She skipped three naps this week – she just wouldn’t nap! Hopefully that’s not a new habit she’s working on! She started getting a runny nose and was feeling sick on Saturday morning – so maybe the skipped naps were just a result of being a little out of the norm. When she skips a nap, typically she’ll play in her room for a while. When I go in to get her, she has all of her dresser drawers pulled out (almost identical distances, but not all the way out) and then she’s pulled her storage cubes off her shelf and filled them with books. Again, everything is precisely where she wants it! 🙂

We just love seeing her little personality come out! It’s funny seeing her put things exactly the way she wants them. And she definitely likes her way – which can cause issues when her way is not what mommy & daddy are telling her to do (brush her teeth, take a nap, not climbing things, etc.).

One last thing… a video! Ellie always says “k” to things when she really means “yes”. We just haven’t gotten her to say “yes” yet. We were reading books one morning in between getting her dressed and I finally heard “yes!” many times while we were reading “Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother too?” I just love this….

You can hear her say “k” a few times, but her “yes!” is adorable! Now that I know she can say “yes”, I’ll ask her to say “yes” when she says “k” to something. Hopefully in the next few weeks she’ll just say “yes” when she means yes. 🙂

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In baby boy news – I’ve been super uncomfortable lately! Having a hard time sleeping and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions! We have just about everything ready at home for him, so that’s a nice relief. Just waiting on his arrival!! 🙂