July Happenings…


It’s been a few weeks since I last posted… things have been a little crazy.

Two weekends ago, Zach’s buddy Dave came into town for a visit. He was here last fall to run the Denver Rock & Roll Marathon with Zach. So it was time for another visit! 🙂 A couple months ago, Zach scored tickets to a John Mayer concert for Tuesday night, so Dave came out Saturday through Wednesday. Zach was able to take off work on Monday and Tuesday which was awesome to have some extra time with him home. On Monday our plan was to go up Pikes Peak but it was really foggy and rainy so we changed our plans a little. We still drove down to the Springs and found a cute little juice bar in downtown Colorado Springs. Then we made our obligatory stop for donuts in Woodland Park at the Donut Mill. We walked around Manitou Springs even though it was raining a little bit. While walking around to the different springs, we found a whole bunch of kiddie rides and Ellie got to ride a few.


We’ll have to go back again someday so she can ride more. We drove through Garden of Gods and had a quick picnic before heading home. The rest of the visit with Dave was pretty relaxed, which was really nice – to just hang out!

Even though Ellie has seen Dave several times, she still had to warm up to him. By the time he left, Ellie wasn’t shy any more! ha! Dave tried to get Ellie to do high-fives while he was here and if she wouldn’t do it, Zach tried to get her to give himself a high-five. One time Zach said “up top!” and she said back really quickly “I don’t do up top!” We all cracked up!

After the weekend with Dave was over, I had a quick two-days at work back to back and then started packing for our trip to Arizona. We found out Wednesday that my Grandma Fulkerson passed away and we were able to make a quick weekend trip to see family for the memorial service. You can read about Grandma Fulkerson here. The last airplane flight we took with a kid was when Ellie was 4-months old. If you recall, the trip home was miserable with her! I was a little worried how this trip would go with two kiddos! I packed lots of snacks and activities for Ellie and just prayed Ethan would not get too fussy! We had told Ellie a few days prior that we were taking a plane ride in a few days. She was pretty excited!

Saturday morning, I woke up at 4:15 so we could be out of the house by 5am because our flight left at 7:10am. After everything was in the car, we pulled the kids out of their beds and put them in their car seats. Luckily they stayed asleep almost the whole drive to the airport! About 5 minutes from the airport, we woke up Ellie and told her we were getting on a plane soon. She said “I need my swimsuit!” (She knew we’d get to swim at the hotel during our trip). We ensured her she didn’t quite need her swim suit but that normal clothes would be okay until we got to the hotel. Then she said “But I have my jammies on! We almost forgot!” She was right, we put her and Ethan in the car with their PJs on, so we could save time and get them changed when we got to the airport! 🙂 Her little “we almost forgot” statement is said a lot these days… it’s adorable!

We got them changed in the car, checked our bag, made it through security and grabbed breakfast in time to sit down for about 5 minutes before boarding the plane. We got good seats and took off! Ellie got a little antsy, a few times making more noise than we’d hoped! Ethan slept almost the whole flight! An hour and a half flight time was just long enough 🙂


We visited with my parents for a little bit and then hung out in Phoenix until the Memorial service. The rest of the visit with family is written in this post about Grandma’s memorial service. Ellie did get to swim at the hotel on Saturday morning! Our flight back home left at 3:30pm. On the ride home we gave Ellie tons of snacks and she was much happier. Ethan nursed and then slept the whole time! We were glad to be back on the ground in Denver!


Monday morning I had to go to Salt Lake City for a one day trip – it was a long day, but going through the airport free of a potty-training-two-year-old and a nursing-all-the-time-baby was so amazing!! I didn’t mind the line at security or the extra time we spent on the runway… it didn’t matter. I got to take a little snooze on my flights there and back and just relax. It’s the little things 🙂

The rest of this week was just catching up on rest and getting our schedules back to normal. We had lunch with Zach at a park on Wednesday, went another park Friday afternoon when Zach got off work, and then had a co-worker of Zach’s over with his family on Saturday morning. The weekend was really easy, which was lovely! It’s nice to have a weekend to do nothing… including spending some extra sweet time with my family!


I didn’t write much about Ethan here because I have another post about him for his 8-month developments written! I can’t believe he’s already 8-months old! Check out the rest of the photos in the July 2013 Photo Album.