July Happenings & 20 Months!


After the beginning of the month’s visit to the mountains, we’ve enjoyed the rest of July! Just about every day that I’m home we’ve been able to go have fun at a park near us! We also went and played at Little Monkey Buziness one morning! We’d love to go back again soon! We went to Heritage Square this past weekend and rode down the alpine slide twice – both kids LOVED it. Ellie and I rode the ferris wheel (Ethan was too short) and both kids rode the carousel. I think we’ll probably go back every summer and as the kids get older they will get to do more and more rides!

Ellie started swimming lessons this week! She’ll go for 30 minutes, every day (Monday-Friday) for two weeks. She did an awesome job today – my biggest fear was her not following directions but she did just about everything the teacher asked and was so happy the whole time! I was also worried about dragging Ethan along, but he just played with his numbers and played his phone games a bit – not even realizing Ellie was swimming! ha! Can’t wait to see how she is after two full weeks! 🙂

Here are just a few funny things from Ellie, this month…

  • I’m not sure where she first heard of a narwhal, but she loves looking at narwhals on our phones.
  • We will be talking about something and pretty quickly she will say “can you show me on your phone?” I love the curiosity! She knows how to say “ok google” on Zach’s phone to look things up. She usually needs help, but it’s super cute when she says it.
  • We watched the Lego movie earlier this month for the first time. It’s maybe a little too old for our kids, but they do love it, so we watch it often. One day, Ellie just burst out with “Pssst! Everything is awesome!” She loves quoting things from the movie.
  • She loves playing cowboy – she’ll pretend different strings are lassos and will yell “let’s round this thing up!” I have no idea where she got that!
  • She loves singing to Two Way Crossing songs… all. the. time! Two Way Crossing is a country band – we know the main guy & girl singers! 🙂
  • Ellie loves playing dress up and has a wonderful imagination! Here is a picture of her dressed like a pirate – we made the costume one day because he really wanted to be a pirate! 🙂

Here’s a video of Ellie dancing to “Firework” by Katy Perry…

I can’t believe it but Ethan is already 20 months old! Here are some funny things about him… Ethan’s favorite word still this month is FIREWORK! I love it!

  • Ethan’s favorite word still this month is FIREWORK! I love it!
  • Some times when he’s saying “orange” – as in the color orange, he’ll say “oranges”. He knows all of his colors and usually does a really good job saying them. He also knows most shapes!
  • He still loves picking up numbers and making compound numbers. He can usually say the two digit ones, but then just starts babbling when it is a three to 10 digit number.
  • When he says the word animals, he say am-ma-mals! 🙂
  • Ethan learned how to climb up the stairs of the bounce house at Little Monkey Buziness really easily! He is such a strong boy and is pretty athletic. We’ve really had lots of fun visiting parks this summer and teaching him coordination!
  • He babbles all the time and I just can’t wait until he really starts saying sentences!
  • He follows directions pretty well – if he climbs up on something and is standing, he will usually sit down when we ask him to.
  • He throws tantrums some times just he’s still generally a happy, easy-going boy!

Here’s a video of Ethan doing more letter recognition!

We have had such a fun summer!!!

We have more pictures in the July & August 2014 Photo Album.