Jessica’s Bridal Shower

Jessica opening her presents!
Jessica opening her presents!

Today was Jessica’s bridal shower. Jessica and Curtis got engaged last September and are getting married at the Barcelo resort in Mexico in January 2010. We’ll be at the wedding and be quite involved, as you’ve probably already read in many of our other blog posts. Jessica is Zach’s cousin and therefore Lori has gotten to inherit her as a cousin too! Molly, her older sister, is her Maid of Honor and their best friend, April, is a bridesmaid… Lori is a bridesmaid too.

Since the wedding is in Mexico, Molly wanted the shower to be a Mexican theme. Molly and Alisa, their mom, did a great job getting all the decorations together for the shower!

We got to the shower early to help set up. There were about 40 women who showed up. We enjoyed some yummy snacks, played a fun “How well do you know Jessica?” game and then opened presents.


Jessica had fun opening all of the presents her and Curtis registered for. She had a great day and was glowing the whole time. We can’t wait for the wedding in 3 months! Zach will be taking pictures at the wedding and he took pictures at the shower today – almost 200 pictures! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

Alisa made Mexican bridal head-bands for the wedding party… it was so fun!