Jessica and Curtis Get Married…In Mexico!

Everyone at the Wedding
Everyone at the Wedding

It’s been five days since we returned from Mexico and I’m just now blogging about it because we had 2000+ pictures to look through. So here’s a little blog about the wedding and our vacation in Mexico… but we still have many more photos that we’ll post later!

Jessica & Curtis planned to tie the knot in Mexico… so us and 50 other people decided to join in their happy celebration last week! Yep, that’s right, 50 other people came to Mexico for Jessica & Curtis! Zach took pictures for the wedding – along with a lot of other pre-wedding events over the past year! I was a bridesmaid, along with Molly & April. It was pretty amazing to see that many people come out for their wedding! The picture above is from the ceremony and all 50-some people in attendance… we needed a big group picture after the wedding!

We got to Cancun on Wednesday afternoon and took an hour-long bus ride to the Barcelo resort. Wednesday night we spent noticing the upgrades to the resort since being there two years ago. Even the food was better! Thursday we got to hit the beach… which ended up being pretty cold – not like Colorado cold… but cold enough that we didn’t lay on our towels in our swim-suites, we covered up with our towels! Friday, it was windy… really windy… so windy you couldn’t sit on the beach because you’d get sand-blasted! So we either got in the ocean or sat pool-side so that we didn’t get sand blasted… thank goodness for lots of palm-tree trunks to keep the wind down at the pool! Friday night we did the rehearsal and cocktail party. Zach took a lot of pictures, here are a few:

The girls:

24 hours away from tying the knot:


Saturday we got up and hung out on the beach a little bit. The sun was out and the wind seemed like it was dying down. The girls got cleaned up and were ready to take pictures with Zach by 2 pm. We walked around the resort and took a lot of pictures, while Joe went out with the guys to take pictures too. Here are just a couple of us girls…

Jess waiting to go take pictures:

Jess being silly… who doesn’t want a silly picture (or more) in a wedding dress?!

My favorite picture of us:

The wedding started at 4 pm and there was only a little bit of wind. It was perfect! For 30 minutes the ceremony went on, with the waves crashing behind us and the sun on our faces. Jessica & Curtis were both so happy… and so were their parents! Here’s a picture of the wedding:

You may kiss the bride…

You can tell in the first picture above that the clouds rolled in eventually… after taking the big group picture right after the wedding ceremony, we got a few family pictures and then the rain came! Most of the people ran toward the resort lobby while some of us stayed behind… covered under a patio roof… waiting for the rain to stop. While we were under the patio, Zach got some great pictures of Jessica & Curtis… this is our favorite:

Once the rain slowed, we all ran inside. Since we didn’t get to take many family portraits because of the rain, we found a closed-in area that still had a palm-tree background and got all the family portraits taken… here’s one of our big happy family:

DSC_0014 2

Then we headed to the reception… the food was great and the dancing was fun! Everyone had a blast! After the reception was over, we all went to the theatre for Karaoke night… Molly & April got up and sang… a few of the guys got up and sang… then the whole wedding party was up there dancing on the stage (in our wedding attire) in front of everyone… it was fun! What a beautiful day!

Sunday the weather was much nicer than the first few days, it was hardly windy and it was warm! We enjoyed hanging out and recovering from the day before! We headed home on Monday… but before we left we got some shots of Jessica & Curtis around the resort since the rain prevented us from doing that on the day of the wedding… here are some of my favorites:
DSC_0151 2

And finally… Zach was so busy taking pictures that we didn’t get many of just us… but here’s a couple of my favorites:

DSC_0254 2

It was a great vacation with family and friends… we were pretty worn out when we got home! Zach went through all of his photos and picked probably 300 of his favorites… they will be posted on our Gallery soon… I’ll make another post when they’re ready to look at.