Jeanne’s Memorial Service

My Balcony People
My Balcony People

Today was Jeanne Parrott’s Memorial Service at First Baptist Church, Black Forest. The entire worship center was packed with loved ones – family, friends & co-workers. There were a lot of people there from our old church that we haven’t seen in years, there were people there from Focus on the Family – where Jeanne worked.

Many people got up and told funny stories about Jeanne. Everyone’s heads were nodding in agreement when people spoke of Jeanne’s love, spunk, sense of humor and kindness. We sang songs of praise to our God – who Jeanne has been with now for 8 days! I could not keep the tears back – they just kept flowing! Happy and sad tears! I loved Jeanne so much!

I’ll end on a neat note about Jeanne….the day she went to be with the Lord, it snowed. The day of her memorial service in Kansas City, it snowed. And today, it snowed. We haven’t hardly any snow all winter – and now we’ve gotten all this snow! Most people would attribute it to “March in Colorado” but… there’s something so pure about the falling snow that makes me feel Jeanne’s love – covering all who love her! I think God helped her with that! I don’t think I’ll look at snow-fall the same way ever again.

We love you Jeanne! Enjoy your time with Jesus, we’ll meet you there soon.