Itty-Bitty Steps


Ellie took a few itty-bitty steps this week! She’s been walking quite a bit while holding onto our hands or pushing the wooden walker.

We couldn’t believe the few steps she took on her own and we couldn’t get her to do it again.


Here’s the video of her walking:

On Friday, we went and visited our friends Lisa & Ben, who just had a baby a few weeks ago. She has to be dairy free, so I brought her my dairy-free chicken pot pie and some dairy free chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! It was great catching up with them and seeing baby Nicole! Ellie got a little jealous when mommy held the baby… but baby Nicole was so sweet!

We woke up to some snow Saturday morning! We ran a few errands – it sure was cold and wet outside! Pulling Ellie out of her car seat and running inside a store made me miss the days where we could put a blanket over her infant carrier, with her all bundled up and protected – but Ellie didn’t seem to mind the rain and snow!

Saturday evening we hung out with Brent & Catherine and their one-year-old, Alice. They have a dog that was very friendly, but didn’t bark – so Ellie actually liked being around their dog! It was so cute to watch her try to pet him and even try to kiss him. We had a great time visiting!


Sunday evening we went over to Rick & Alisa’s house to see all the Crowder family! While there, a few of the more quiet dogs were in the house and Ellie was really enjoying being around them! It was so fun to watch Ellie be around dogs this weekend without getting scared like she’s done in the past. Of course if a dog is barking and jumping on us, she’s going to get scared – but a quiet, sweet puppy makes her happy!!


Tomorrow is my 30th birthday!! Zach baked and decorated a cake for me and we enjoyed the cake and some Blue Bell ice cream tonight… and will probably do the same tomorrow night!! I told Zach I didn’t want a big party for my 30th… I’d rather spend time with people in smaller settings — so our September and October have been (and will continue to be) some great time spent with lots of different friends – keeping us quite busy! The time with our sweet friends makes my heart happy!

Ellie has been saying “mama mama mama mama” so much more lately — I think that’s her way of saying “Happy 30th Birthday Mommy!”  🙂


We added a few more videos to the Movies page — a few from the past months, since moving into our apartment. They’re not super-exciting videos – but we loved them, so we wanted to post them.

Check out this week’s pictures in the October 2011 album.