It’s Too Hot for September


Here it is September and it feels like July or August still! I’m looking forward to some fall weather – if we get any, because I’d much rather go outside to play in cooler temps!

We took Ethan in for his 9 month appointment yesterday. He weighed in at 23 pounds. When I weighed him a month ago he was 23.5 pounds… I think that was just a “heavy” day… that or he’s getting lots of crawling exercise! 🙂 23 pounds puts him in the 82nd percentile. He’s 28 & 7/8” long (77th percentile) and his head circumference is 18 & 1/8” (73rd percentile).

Ethan is standing more upright these days when he pulls up. He’s also letting go when standing, in an attempt to go from point A to point B. He falls a lot, but he’ll get the hang of it! 🙂 Ethan babbles all the time these days – it’s so fun to hear his little voice “talking”. He also seems to really enjoy music and will start bouncing to the beat! In the swing the other day, there was no music playing outside and all the sudden he would just start shaking his head back and forth – as if there was music playing! It was hilarious!


Ellie has an amazing imagination these days! She could play for hours just making up stories and acting them out. She was playing “rescue” with a little girl on the playground the other day. The girl was a little older than Ellie and didn’t mind playing along with whatever Ellie made up 🙂


Ellie has finally decided she likes fruit – at least the yellow one packets from Ella’s kitchen… she eats one, two, sometimes three of these a day! That may be the only way she gets good fruits some days, but it’s better than nothing!


Ellie had an eye doctor check-up on Friday. I had my appointment at the same time. The hope was that she would see my appointment and understand it was no big deal, then do her appointment with no issues. Oops – that was a silly thought – she’s a toddler and hates people messing with her! She was quite the stinker during her appointment, but we survived! She did amaze the doctor with her ability to say the names of the letters on the screen (as opposed to needing to see/name the pictures instead of letters). We had to hold Ellie down, while she screamed, to get the dilation eye drops in her eyes. It was horrible! After the doctor was done, she was trying to make Ellie happy. Ellie had her cute floral Toms on and the doctor was trying to talk to her about them… this is how the conversation went:

Doc: Are those super hero shoes?

Ellie: No

Doc: Are those princess shoes?

Ellie: No. They’re TOMS!

It was so funny!!

We are getting back into the swing of things with Bible Study and church more consistently. Ellie is doing great playing with the other kids and not complaining that we’re going to Bible Study or Church! That’s a big deal! Ethan is an easy kiddo and does just fine! He may miss his nap time and get fussy on the way home, but no big deal!

We made some salsa this week with vegetables from our garden. Our onions and cilantro didn’t survive this long, so I had to buy those at the grocery store… but the tomatoes and jalapeños came from our garden!!  Our broccoli finally sprouted some florets and we had some this week for dinner!


We have more pictures in the September 2013 Photo Album.