It’s a Girl!!

A Profile Picture of our Baby Girl!
A Profile Picture of our Baby Girl!

We found out on Thursday that we’re having a GIRL!! We took both of our moms with us to the big ultrasound appointment. The ultrasound technician started measuring stuff and telling us all the positive things she was measuring. It’s amazing what they can tell just from a 2-D fuzzy picture! As she was going along, she got to a shot where she thought she could determine boy or girl… and all of the sudden she said “it’s a girl, you’re having a girl”… and all four of us broke out in yells and screams! We were all prepared for an “it’s a boy” statement. Between the “gender prediction test” and all the random wives tales like “you haven’t been sick enough, it’s a boy”, “you look like you’re carrying in the front, it’s a boy”, etc… we were totally convinced our baby was a boy! We were so pleasantly surprised! After the appointment someone up front asked if we were celebrating in the ultrasound room… apparently everyone heard the screams! haha!

After the big reveal, we went home to hang out and have a fun little celebration party with both Zach and Lori’s family… it was neat to start talking about “she” and “her” in sentences where we used to say “it”! We had been smoking a brisket all day and that was the main part of our celebration dinner – along with coleslaw and potato salad! It was delicious!

Friday, while Zach’s mom was still in town, we went to lots of baby stores just browsing to get ideas for things we wanted to register for. We also drove down to Kristen’s house and picked up a truck-load of baby things from her. Kristen has two boys who are grown out of all the baby things now and she was willing to give it all to us for a steal of a deal! (Seriously, we drove away with the truck entirely full of stuff – the back seat of the cab, the trunk and the tuck bed!) We are so blessed to have wonderful friends willing to pass so many things down to us! With having both sets of parent around to be involved in our little girl’s life, it’ll be much easier to have extras of everything so we don’t have to haul things from house to house!

We’re so excited to welcome this little girl into our lives! We are so blessed with how well this pregnancy has gone and how great this little girl is growing and developing! What a joy!? If the pregnancy and excitement is such a joy now, I can’t imagine how blessed we will feel when this little girl is born! We just can’t wait!! I guess we have to though, she has another 20 weeks to keep developing!!

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