Instant Grass!!

The backyard with more grass!
The backyard with more grass!

So it’s Thursday night and as you can tell by the picture and the title of this blog, we got our sod laid today!!!

Our last blog entry explained how we pulled up all the paver stones and shortened the flower bed last weekend, as well as poured a step at the end of the porch. Monday night, we added sprinkler heads to the dirt area. Wednesday night we picked up some top soil for the backyard. Today we called Home Depot and they had sod in stock – it had been delivered today! We called around earlier this week and no one near us had sod! So, since Home Depot had it, we knew we needed to go pick it up.

On our way home from work at 4:45 we picked up 21 rolls of sod (of the 22 rolls left from Home Depot’s delivery today) and brought it home to lay out. It was misty and foggy all day – so not only were we getting muddy, but also wet – but it wasn’t so bad!! By 7 pm we had all the sod laid and pictures taken! Then we had a softball game at 8! Sadly, it was still rainy, so it was cold and yucky… but luckily we run-ruled the other team in the 4th inning, 15-0, so we got to grab some dinner and come home to get warm!

Check out more pictures of the yard in our Home Improvements Photo Album.

Oh yeah, on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday night we did some prep work in the house for painting our bedroom and office this weekend with Lori’s parents. We’ll post more pictures this weekend after we get our walls inside painted.

Who knew we could do two completely different, but large projects (one outside and one inside) at the same time and stay sane — along with working like crazy at work too!! It’s fun to get all this stuff done!! I think the people at Home Depot think we’re weird because every trip consists of painting supplies AND yard supplies!