I Love Watching This Girl!


Everything Ellie does, she is so happy and excited to do it – I just love watching her do anything!

I love watching Ellie stand and try to take a few steps along the couch or along the cabinets. It’s so cute when she plops down and then gets up to try again.


Now that she stands so well, I love watching her bend over her toy boxes and pull out toys. She can stand at her tall toys and play while she attempts to let go and balance herself. She balances longer and longer each day!

I love watching Ellie munch on little snacks or try to hold her own bottle. Since she’s still not too excited about food, it’s really adorable to see her actually enjoy something. Since she doesn’t take a bottle all day, every day, she hasn’t had to master holding the bottle herself… but she does pretty good – especially if she can use her feet!


This girl LOVES books!! It’s so fun to let her pull her books off the bookshelf and start opening each one. She’s really good at opening the board books and pointing to the words and the pictures! Every time she opens a book and starts looking through it, I’m just amazed!


I love watching Ellie be a total ham! What a personality this girl has! When we’re in public, she tries to get people’s attention by sticking her tongue out (like she’s licking an ice cream cone) – if they see her and smile, then she smiles… then continues to flirt with them. Otherwise she gives up, closes her mouth, and searches for the next person to spot!

This sweet girl is SO FUN and she’s so entertaining!!


Zach ran his first 10k today – the Fans on the Field 10k where the race goes through all the stadiums in downtown Denver (Mile High, Pepsi Center & Coors Field). Ellie and I went to cheer him on. He did a great job and we spotted him along the race a few times, as well as waited for him at the finish line. We’re so proud him!

Oh, and Ellie has been trying to fight naps this week! One day she fought the morning nap, the next day she fought the afternoon nap! Next week we’ll try to get her a short morning nap (wake her at an hour instead of letting her go the typical almost-two-hours), then hopefully she’ll be willing to take a longer afternoon nap. We’ll see how that goes! I’m hopeful that she’ll REALLY need two naps once she starts walking – until then I don’t really want to drop to one nap and then attempt to go back to two. Just when we think we have something figured out with her, things change! She likes to keep us on our toes!

Check out this week’s pictures in the new September 2011 album. Make sure to go to page two in the album – there’s a lot of pictures this month!