I Love my New House!


If you can’t tell by the look of joy on her face, Ellie LOVES her new house! We are fairly settled, a week after moving into our house. The family room, kitchen and our bedrooms are all unpacked and livable. We still have many more boxes to unpack but they’re behind closed doors and we’ll get to them eventually. Zach’s already done some great things to the house – to include installing the whole-house humidifier, a new thermostat and some other “technology” type things in our comm-closet. He also installed a new shower head and a medicine cabinet in our bathroom. All the custom things we wanted to get going in our house! 🙂 We also had our concrete patio and pathways completed this past week! It looks awesome and we’re so glad we did it. I still haven’t taken pictures of the parts of the house that are put together (we still need to put up more decorations) and I didn’t even take pictures of the patio. Maybe next week.


Ellie has settled into the house very nicely. She understands that it’s time to go upstairs after dinner to take a bath or to go upstairs for nap time. This also means she’s getting really good at going up and down the stairs. We have baby gates at the bottom and top of the stairs, which is nice to keep her safe. She knows where her snacks are and where all her toys are. She’s staying out of the kitchen cabinets because they’re kind of hard to open. We were going to install drawer-pulls, but I think we’ll wait until she’s no longer interested in getting into all the cabinets! She is sleeping fairly well in her new room – still waking one extra time each night, but she’ll get there.


Just in the last week, Ellie has been really good at eating what I actually cook for dinner instead of rejecting it all and wanting to eat something else. She also is using “no” more appropriately these days. She still won’t say “yes” to anything, it’s always “no”, but it’s pretty fun to be able to get a response from her that actually means something.


Ellie can say Turtle almost perfectly – and it’s the sweetest thing!! When we ask her to point at characters or animals in a book, she will point and attempt to say the name. Of course we know what she’s saying because we just said the name, but she’s getting better each time at saying the words! She says “mama” when she sees a car or a woman, and says “dada” when she sees a man or a truck.


Ellie has started following directions better recently (when she wants to). She’ll put her toys away or give us something if we ask her. It’s really neat to see her doing what we ask. The other night before bedtime, she pulled out her rain boots (I got them for her for Easter. They are WAY too big and heavy, but she LOVES wearing them around the house). She wanted to put them on but she had a sleep sack on and it was bedtime, so I said “Ellie, it’s time for bed, can you put your boots away?” and she picked up her boots and put them back where they go. Zach and I just looked at each other, amazed! Discipline will be full of frustrations sometimes but it is SO rewarding and exciting when you see progress like that!


This kid has become such a silly and funny girl! She makes herself giggle all the time. She even laughs at things we do that are meant to be funny! She is such a blast!


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