Hot! Hot! Hot!


Last week I wrote that Ellie says any sensation is HOT! Well, this week she says everything is hot, from her stuffed puppy dog, to an apple in a book, to her cold mango baby food! Every time she holds her hand near it, as if to feel for the temperature. If it’s the opposite of hot, I’ll correct her and say “no sweetie, it’s cold” and she’ll repeat “co”. When it’s the food she’s eating that’s been heated up, she actually feels the heat, but it’s not too hot, so we tell her it’s “just right”. Outside, she thinks the concrete is hot – she’ll bend over and hold her hand just above it. It’s so funny! If it’s something that has nothing to do with temperature, I’ll just say “no sweetie, the dog is not hot”, reinforcing the actual NAME of the object since it has no temperature. For a few days, if she saw anyone at a store (or while we were eating at Sonic – the one time we ate “out” during the week since we could sit outside), she would yell “hot! hot! hot!” to them! It’s like she was saying, “hey! Pay attention to me! I know the word HOT!!!” Silly girl!!

This week she started saying “mamama” anytime she wants something! I love it!! “mamama, wawawa” means that she wants water – that one is obvious…. some of the others, not so much… but at least she’s asking for the attention with words instead of screaming when she wants something! It’s been wonderful!! If we’re at home, she’ll walk into the kitchen and either go to the pantry door or refrigerator door if she wants something. She’s becoming a pretty good communicator!


Also this week, when she wakes up in the middle of the night – she’s started yelling “words”, instead of screaming like she used to do. None of her words make any sense, but a lot of them are different sounds than I’ve heard before!!

She’s also been able to copy some words (or at least the first sound of the word) that we’ve said lately… it’s pretty amazing to start to see her speech really develop!

Tonight I was telling Ellie not to lick the trash can (a common occurrence, gross I know), I probably told her NO like five times. A few minutes later, she started saying “no, no, no” to EVERYTHING!!!! It was so hilarious and cute and terrifying at the same time! Trouble might be headed our way soon!!

It was another beautiful week, so we spent several days going to various parks around us. Ellie sure loves slides! I typically help her get up to the slide, then once she’s sliding down, I jump to the bottom to be there to “catch” her, though she really doesn’t need a catch with most slides. One morning, we were climbing up to a slide (that she had already gone down a few times) and there was a little boy in front of us. He was probably between two and three-years-old. He looked down and started to back up and said in a sad voice “this is too big for me!” Once he was out of the way, Ellie crawled up there and got ready to go down! She’s such a big girl!!


This kid has been doing great at bedtime (though, I’m pretty sure it’ll get all screwed up again when we move!). I lay her down at 7:30 and she’ll just roll around in her crib, play with her stuffed animals and “talk” for an hour or two. Yep, she plays quietly sometimes until 9:30!!! She typically sleeps in until 8 or 9 in the mornings… I’ve been soaking that up!!

I forgot the mention last week, Ellie has gotten four more teeth this month! There are two on the bottom – just on either side of her front teeth. Then on the top, there’s one just to her left of her front teeth and then the molar next to that one. Pretty soon she’ll be eating more and more because those teeth sure will help her out!!


Speaking of eating, this kid’s eating habits are improving! She pretty much always feeds herself out of a bowl with a spoon these days. Oatmeal, yogurt, fruit baby food – she refuses for us to feed her… so we give her a bowl and a very small spoon. She scoops up some food and gets it into her mouth with pretty good accuracy! Sometimes she slacks off and needs a little help getting a good scoop of food, but she’s doing great!! She loves dipping any of her other food in her bowls of food… anything from french toast into her yogurt, chicken nuggets into her mango, or cheerios into her oatmeal. There’s not a meal that goes by where something hasn’t been dipped into something else that is NOT normal! It’s pretty disgusting looking, but whatever it takes to get her to eat various food items I’m okay with it!

Here’s a video of Ellie eating some of my breakfast burrito this morning. Every weekend we eat breakfast burritos (one of the only other places we actually go into a restaurant, that and Sonic outside) … and we try to give some to Ellie and she’s not interested. Today, she was eating her oatmeal and I tried to give her a bit. Of course she didn’t want me to hold it, she wanted to hold it herself. Then she took a lot of little nibbles! I think she got quite a bit. In this video she didn’t eat much, but she sure was cute. I love how, at the end, she’s distracted by some kids at the restaurant… when we tell her to say “hi”, she waves her hand!!

Check out this week’s photos in the March 2012 album.

At the house this week we got carpet, appliances and the final roof tiles installed! Basically all that is left is some general clean-up! We’re almost there!!!