Hitting the Slopes and Loving the Snow!

Zach, Lori, Victoria & Melissa
Zach, Lori, Victoria & Melissa

Victoria (Zach’s long-time friend who lives in DC that we see when we go out there) had a company paid ski trip this weekend and we got to enjoy some of the perks!

Victoria and her sister, Melissa, flew out on Tuesday. They stayed with us on Tuesday and Wednesday. They did some sight-seeing on Wednesday, had dinner with us that night, then headed up to the slopes on Thursday morning. Victoria’s company put everyone up in Condos at Keystone and provided different meals for them, etc. We planned on heading up on Friday to ski with them at Copper and then come home. It ended up that the other two people who were going to share the condo with Vic & Melissa didn’t show up. So Vic told us we could stay with them Friday night, instead of driving back home!

The mountains got a lot of snow Thursday night, into Friday morning, which gave us a little more traffic than normal. It snowed all day long! The snow made for great day on the slopes at Copper – even though it was really wet!! Usually it’s a dry snow, but this weekend it was wet snow! It’s a good thing we got to stay Friday night knowing the roads were probably pretty bad because of all the snow on Friday. After a long day of skiing, we hit the hot tub before getting ready for dinner! We sat in the hot tub, outside with snow falling on our heads for an hour! It was great!! Then we had a great taco-bar dinner with Victoria’s company.

This is the view from the Condo, with the runs at Keystone in the background:


We headed back home on Saturday morning and Victoria & Melissa rode snowmobiles and took a sleigh ride! They had a blast! Since the weather was still pretty bad and they had really early flights on Sunday morning, they decided they should come stay with us one more night to get out of the mountains and make for a better drive to the airport in the morning. So we had dinner with them one more time and enjoyed having them around.

It was a blast to get to hang out with Vic & Melissa and of course get to stay at Keystone and not have to face traffic the evening after skiing – that’s always a plus!

Check out some more of the pictures we took this weekend in our Colorado 2009 Photo Album. Victoria has some more pics on her camera that we’ll have to post once she gets them uploaded to Facebook.