Hello world!

hello world

Computer geeks will get that reference! “Hello World” is always the first program a computer geek must create – so, since we’re turning a new page with the use of Apple technology, I decided to title our first blog “Hello World”.

Since we got rid of Comcast for cable and internet, we also lost our web-hosting site… so we decided to get an Apple “.mac” account and our own domain name ( so that we can add full sized images to our web page as well as update our web page much faster and easier than before. This new account also has allowed us to easily BLOG on the same site that we have our pictures loaded on!!! So we’ll blog as often as we can to keep everyone updated on what’s going on in our lives.

Since we can add full sized images to our web page now, eventually we’ll update the current pictures (we’ll start with the wedding photos probably) so that they can be viewed much larger! We’ll let you know as those get updated!

We’re really excited about using the mac to share each turn of the pages in our life!!