Hello Spring!


The weather this week has been GREAT! We went to the park multiple times, played outside and went on lots of walks. The weather was even nice Friday morning for all the kids to play outside at Bible study! Saturday morning we drove to our friends’ house – Brent, Catherine and Alice – so we could all take a walk to the park and play. Alice is a few months older than Ellie, so it’s great fun to see them play together. Ellie did so good climbing the stairs to the tops of the jungle-gyms! She still loves swinging….


She LOVES slides! She’ll go down them without help – and she really likes to go down on her belly, feet down. It wouldn’t surprise me if she masters face-forward on her belly by the end of this summer! She might love thrills like her mommy!

At home, this kid loves climbing everything – she’ll knock over the dirty clothes basket (it’s a tall kitchen trashcan) and then climb on it. She also likes to push things around the house, like the footrest. It wouldn’t surprise me if very soon she’s pushing the footrest over somewhere to then climb on it to get to something… oh boy! What are we in for? She also loves to climb into the laundry basket:


It’s so fun to see Ellie learning new things… here are some new things she’s doing/saying lately:

  • “Ha” is for hat and heart.

  • If you ask what a bunny does, she says “hop, hop” and bounces.

  • Everything is hot – if it’s any sensation, it’s hot. Ice cubes, splashing water, cold food – it’s all “hot”. She’ll go touch the oven all day long and tell us it’s hot, although it’s not on and it’s not hot! When she sees steam or condensation she knows it’s hot. She saw the burning bush in a bible story book and knew it was hot!

  • “Ta” is tree, and it used to be for cheerios too, but she just started doing the “ch” today for cheerios.

  • She loves to point to things in books and then we tell her what they are.

  • In her Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books, we can ask her where a character is and she’ll point to them, along with frogs, butterflies, flowers, squirrels, birds and dogs.

  • We’re working on the “f” sound for frog and fish… and the “s” sound for snake.

  • She can point to a triangle (ta) and a heart (ha) but she thinks every circle from a few feet away is a clock! She LOVES clocks… scales and thermometers are clocks too!

  • She kind of knows some colors, we’re working on Red, Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow.

The motion she makes with her mouth when you say fish is also the same motion she makes at bedtime when she wants to nurse. This has caused some confusion! She has a fish nightlight – that projects fish on the ceiling. Any time I go get her in the middle of the night, she points to the fish on the ceiling and says mom or mama! Then I say, “no sweetie, that’s a fish” and then she makes the fish motion with her mouth! It’s so cute… but she’s so confused! haha!

Love this girl!


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Lots of things were done at the house this week – toilets, sinks, mirrors, light fixtures, sink fixtures and all the electrical plates were installed. Quarter-round was placed in the areas where the vinyl flooring is installed. Seems like carpet, appliances and roofing are the main items remaining!