Hello October- already!

Last time I posted was near the end of it’s almost October – that’s just too much time to not post! We finished the summer wonderfully – lots of visits to the park, getting ice cream or slurpees, hanging out with friends and lots of travel for me too!


I traveled for work at the end of July for the first time in almost 5 years! Then a few weeks later, Zach and I went to Las Vegas – leaving the kiddos at home. It was nice to get away together and enjoy a kid-free vacation for the weekend. At the end of October, I spent the weekend in Oklahoma with my college roommates – we hadn’t all been together since we graduated in 2004! It was a wonderful weekend and such a sweet time with my friends! It was weird leaving the kids as much as I did this summer, but they did great – I certainly won’t make that a habit of so many trips so close together but it was so nice to know that they’re old enough now to be ok with me being gone and know that I’ll always come back! šŸ™‚


Ellie started school in mid-August and she loves her class. She didn’t have to hide her head from her teacher walking into class this year. Last year, it was EVERY TIME we went into class… so this is a huge improvement! She’s enjoying her classmates and is looking forward to her Gymnastics birthday party coming up!


Ellie attended a birthday party for a little boy from her class that she’s just crazy about! It was a pool party and she really enjoyed the party! So cute!!


For labor day weekend, we rented a cabin near Leadville and had the best weekend getaway! The kids really enjoyed the cabin and being in the mountains. We spent some time in Vail, playing at the playground there and also went to the hot springs in Buena Vista. It was SO much fun! There were some neighborhood dogs that came and hug out on our deck and Ellie just fell in love with “Murphy”…


Two other fun things that Zach and I planned out were doing the Wipeout Run and taking a long bike ride last weekend. It’s nice to finally be able to do some outings for just the two of us!


And lastly, here are some funny things for the kids that I’ve written down the last few months:


  • He got a little Minion with a lego block and he calls it his “wego me-yon” (Lego Minion)
  • He is such a good eater – he really loves sandwiches and burgers these days, which is quite the joy to watch him eat!
  • He is finally into blocks and building things with legos.
  • He likes to draw pictures now instead of just writing numbers and letters.
  • When Ethan wants to race, he says “mommy, say on your market” ha!
  • Ellie was doing a “magic trick” at dinner one night and she said “abra cadabra and close your eyes” because she was hiding something. Ethan copied and said “abra cadabra, close your eyes and take a nap!” haha!
  • When Ethan puts his blocks away, he says “Goodnight R. Goodnight 9. Goodnight plus…” so funny!
  • Ethan was playing an easy game of matching, Frozen style. He flipped over Anna and Hans and said “Anna and Hangry”.





  • Both kids actually play together pretty well sometimes these days!
  • Ellie likes to wake Ethan up from his nap by reading to him – it’s so sweet!
  • She told me one day “When I’m a parent, I will let my kids do anything they want! I want to have kids so I can give them candy!” Oh honey!
  • We told Ellie we were going to Las Vegas and she was so confused “Why is it called Lost Vegas?”
  • Ellie said “in Frozen, when Elsa runs away, why didn’t she drive a car?” I explained how it was supposed to be before they had cars and she said “oh, like back in the day?” Exactly! A month later, Grammy and I were talking and Grammy asked meĀ “did you know I sold Mary Kay back in the day?” and Ellie was surprised and asked “before there were cars??” hahaha!
  • Ellie told us that Gramps said she had a freckle on her nose. We looked and decidedĀ she didn’t. Then she said “Gramps must have a freckle on his glasses!!”


Ellie got this stick-on mustache from the dentist… she wore that to a bunch of stores and made sure to tell people “it’s not real” if they commented on it! ha!



Love these kids!!


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