Happy New Year 2011


Happy New Year everyone!! We hope you had a great week between Christmas and New Years… hopefully you got some good vacation time in! 🙂

I got the stomach flu on Christmas evening and it was pretty bad! I don’t remember being that sick in a LONG time!! We read that while mom is sick, she needs to keep nursing because the baby gets all the antibodies from mom that mom is making. So, despite feeling awful I kept nursing. Zach took great care of Ellie and would sit there with me so he could burp her when needed, etc. There was one really bad night and a rough couple of days…. so glad that’s over! I’m one proud mama though, because Ellie didn’t get sick and neither did Zach!

When my sickness was gone, I soaked up some more time with my sweet baby… I cuddled with her on the couch because I missed that time while I was sick and couldn’t do much with her.


Today we took Ellie in for her 2-month check up. She’s doing great and the doctor was very happy with all of her progress. She had to get 5 shots today!! Zach came with me because going alone would have been really hard. Ellie DID NOT like those shots, she cried until her face turned purple! After it was over, she calmed down pretty quickly and then dozed off. She’s been a little fussy today – she’ll get going for like 20 minutes where she cries until her face turns purple again, then falls asleep. I hope she feels better soon! We don’t have to go back to the doctor for another 2 months; she’ll have another round of shots at that time and we’ll do this all over again. She weighed in today at 9 lbs. 10 oz. with a length of 21.5 inches and head circumference of 15.5 inches. Her head and her body have both grown 2 inches since she was born!! She’s just growing, growing, growing!

Ellie has become more interactive over the past week and it’s so fun!! She will make a very over-exaggerated pouty face right before she starts to cry. She’ll do this if she’s hungry, wet or tired. We just have to look at other cues to determine what the problem is, since she uses the pouty face for so many reasons. She’s also using her tongue a lot more now… she’ll get it rolling and moving a whole bunch and if you start talking to her she gets so excited! She just has a thousand words to say and can’t get them out!!

Here’s the start of a pouty face…


Getting that tongue going….


And going…


And going…


Ellie is making a lot more noises these days… she’ll pop her tongue in her mouth, make squealing noises and “ohh” and “ahh”. We haven’t gotten her to giggle yet, but she sure smiles a ton when we talk to her. In the mornings when I pick her up out of bed and start to change her, she will just look at me and start smiling – even if I’m not talking to her! We’ve had a lot of great family time this weekend and I’ve noticed how Ellie will just stare at me and Zach while we’re holding her or sitting close to her. It just melts my heart to see those baby blue eyes watching us!! Although she’s smiling more, I haven’t gotten many pictures of her smiles. She tends to stop doing what she was doing when I pull out the camera or the video camera. It’s disappointing, but I just figure she’s saving all the smiles and grins for us and just doesn’t want to share them with the world yet. And since she’s being more interactive, it’s more fun to talk and play with her than to break out the camera and try getting a photo of it at the same time.

For play time, we’ve spent a lot of time on our back with the activity gym this week. She loves the animals that hang down and she swats at them and grabs them. She gets so excited and squeals at them too! She is getting so much better at grasping her rattle ball and bringing it up to her face in an attempt to suck on the ball. It’s so cute because the rattle is the size of a softball and it’s really hard for her to get her mouth around part of it to suck on it. If all else fails, she just sucks on her hand! She also likes looking at bright colored pictures in books. We have one book with a mirror in it and she can start at herself for 10-15 minutes, so intrigued by the reflection!


On New Years Eve, Ellie slept for 10 hours!! I woke up at 7:30 and wondered where the night went and why I didn’t have to get up to feed her… it was amazing! Since then, she’s been more predictable at 8 hours a night… but even 8 hours is pretty amazing! I can’t even remember the last time I got a full night’s sleep… between nightly feedings with a newborn and multiple potty breaks while pregnant… it’s probably been at least 6 months!!

Ellie is SUCH a joy to be with! I cherish all these moments I get to be with her!! I go back to work tomorrow… I think it might be harder on me than it will be on Ellie!

Here’s the link to some of this week’s favorite pictures in a new month’s album: January 2011 album.