Happy Halloween from Tiger & Pooh!


Ellie was Tigger and Ethan was Pooh-Bear for Halloween this year! I had purchased the Pooh outfit from Goodwill last year in hopes that Ellie would be Pooh when she was two. She outgrew the outfit a month before Halloween, so we had to go with choice number two. This year I was a little worried Ethan might outgrow the Pooh outfit before Halloween (at the age of ONE) but I took a chance and went ahead and found a Tigger outfit for Ellie. The snaps just barely closed for Ethan’s outfit, but it worked out!

Ellie was so excited to be Tigger and for Ethan to be Pooh-bear. She told everyone about her much anticipated Halloween-Birthday everywhere we went for a month!

We had a quick Chick-fil-A dinner and then got the kids dressed with an extra layer of clothes. It had been really windy during the day, so I wasn’t sure how cold trick-or-treating would be.

We had planned to visit 7 houses of friends and family in Highlands Ranch for trick-or-treating. Since Ellie gets so shy around those she doesn’t know, we figured if we could tell her whose house we were going to she would be prepared for who answered the door. Ellie had a lot of fun and Ethan did pretty great standing and walking to the doors! Ethan started getting fussy towards the end, but always got happy when we pulled him out of the car to go to the next house. I think he was just confused – it was dark, he was sleepy and probably hungry – thinking it was bed time but he needed some food! haha! Ellie got to eat a little bit of candy, but not too much. She was awake until about 10:30 that night – although she was good and just played in her bed, so it wasn’t too big of a deal!

Ellie’s line when people answered the door was “Trick or Treatin” …. I’m not sure where the “treatin” came from, but it was SO cute!!


We had so much fun watching the kids have fun and getting to visit with some friends and family too!

We have more pictures in the October 2013 Photo Album.