Happy Halloween 2009


The snow has melted off of the streets and things are back to normal here in Colorado. Halloween turned out to be a beautiful weekend – just lots of snow in everyone’s yards!!

This year we had two parties to attend – both with a theme! Friday night’s party was a “Video Game” theme and Saturday night was an 80’s theme! Our friends had the funniest write-ups for the evites that they sent out… so we decided we needed to be creative as possible! Not only did we want to be creative, but we also wanted to have ONE costume for both parties… so we went dressed as the game PONG! It was an arcade game in the 70’s, but ended up in households in the 80’s! Perfect!

We dressed in all black and had foam paddles that we wore and had a ball we threw back and forth! We won “Funniest Costume” at the Video Game themed party.

Here’s us trying to PLAY PONG!

Happy Halloween!