Happy Father’s Day, Happy 20 Weeks!

20 weeks - half way there!
20 weeks – half way there!

First, we’d like to say Happy Father’s Day to our wonderful dads! You mean the world to us and the way you live your lives is an inspiration to us!

I’d also like to say Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful hubby who gets to celebrate today since we have a little girl on the way!!! We are 20 weeks away from this baby entering our home!! It’s more and more real every day that there’s a baby on the way and our lives will never be the same – for the better!


This weekend we finished up our garage… it was a lot of work but it’s now finished and we’re so happy with the way it turned out! Here are a few pictures:

Right side:


All the shelving and our great ski-rack that Zach made… we also put some blinds on the window, which matches the rest of the house now. I still don’t know why they put windows in the garages in our neighborhood!


The work bench…. we got rid of the toolbox because everything fix in all the workbench drawers!


Left side… we used to have SO MUCH stuff on that side and it was so hard for Zach to get out of his truck – now there’s plenty of room!


And the overhead storage… Christmas decorations, Christmas tree and the start of our baby storage.