Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

It’s only been a few weeks since I last blogged but I have a ton of great pictures to post already! Ellie has decided to start posing for the camera again and Ethan is always adorable – which equals great photos!


We had a lovely Easter at home this year. We went to Easter service at church on Saturday afternoon – our church has 3 services on Saturday and 3 services on Sunday. It was awesome to wake up this morning, take our time getting ready, open Easter baskets, make breakfast, play, make lunch and then hang out – all without having to rush to get ready for church!

The kids enjoyed their Easter baskets and I made some fun Easter pancakes. Ellie thought they were so neat!



We hunted Easter Eggs in the backyard and just had fun playing together!



The weather was beautiful! We love spring in Colorado!!


Last weekend we celebrated Zach’s birthday – the kids both helped him open gifts!


Ellie started swimming lessons this past week – she LOVES swimming! I tried to get Ethan into a Parent-Tot swim class that ended up being a total flop! He LOVES the numbers on the side of the pool and did NOT want to actually participate in the class. I spent about 10 minutes man-handling him and then decided it just wasn’t worth it! He’ll be ready for lessons next summer when he’s 3.5 and can understand the point of swim lessons!

Check out some more great pictures from this month in the March-April 2015 photo album.