Happy Birthday Zach


Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

Today we celebrated YOU!

What a blessing you are in my life.

I love being with you everyday.

I love having you as my partner.

I love that you are my baby’s daddy.

I love watching you hold your daughter and love on her.

I love the help you give at home – with chores and with Ellie.

I love how smart you are, how you think through things and talk about things.

I love your sense of humor.

I love your hand in my hand and your arm around me.

I love how hard you work to provide for your family.

I love that you and I are on this journey together – keeping our hearts connected and keeping our dreams in-sync.

I love being a parent with you and working through all the tough choices and decisions we have to make for our baby girl — oh it’s only just begun, but I am not afraid of what’s to come because I have you beside me and that is all that matters.


Happy Birthday Zach – I’m so proud to call you mine…. and so happy that Ellie has you for a daddy! I love you!