Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie!!


We celebrated Ellie’s 2nd Birthday on Friday night with a little family gathering. My folks were there, along with Zach’s parents, his Aunt Susie and Aunt Alisa with cousins Molly & Dain and Jess & Curtis. We ordered pizza, had cupcakes and opened gifts. It was a great evening and Ellie had a blast!!

The theme was complete with Rapunzel cupcakes, balloons, plates and a special Rapunzel cup for Ellie. I found some adorable butterfly candles from Papyrus that were pink & purple. It was fun getting decorations and planning a party but not going crazy with a huge guest list. Eventually when Ellie has some little friends from preschool, we’ll get to invite a few friends for her parties… but until then, family was a great time!!

Ellie loves pizza…


Here’s her Rapunzel cupcakes – all stuck together and slathered with icing! Yummy!!


So excited (and kind of bashful) as everyone sang “Happy Birthday to You”….


Dig in!


Opening presents…


She loved her cards from her grandparents… Such sweet faces…


She got so tickled with her Tigger card – she’s glowing. Now she plays the music in the card and bounces/dances around – it’s adorable! I can’t get a video of it because every time I go to take a video, she wants to see the video! Oh well!


She got a kitchen set, shopping cart, Dyson vacuum cleaner and tons of kitchen accessories!!


She also got some great PJs, a pink sock monkey, Minnie Mouse dinner set and Crayola Color-Wonders coloring set (these markers ONLY write on the special paper!)


What a sweet gift this girl is to US!! It’s still very strange sharing her birthday with Halloween… I suppose as she gets older it will be fun because there’s always a school party for Halloween!

Ellie had her two-year check up at the doctor on Monday. She didn’t cooperate wonderfully with the nurse or doctor, but she wasn’t horrible! We survived 🙂 She weighed in at 22 lbs. 2 oz (5th percentile), 32 in. for height (10th percentile) and 19 in. for head circumference (70th percentile). The doctor said she hadn’t hit her big growth spurt yet, but that’s okay. He said everything else was just fine and we don’t have to come in for another year, which is great because with the new baby coming along, we’ll be making lots of well-baby appointments for the next year – so at least we won’t be juggling his appointments with hers! Ellie also got a flu shot – it made her sad for less than a minute and then she was over it. She got to pick a little toy on the way out and was as happy as can be! 🙂

We have a few videos to share from her birthday party, we’ll get those posted eventually 🙂

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